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Apple AirPods Max Noise-cancelling Over-ear Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth 5.0, Up to 20h with ANC & 3D audio


per month for 12 months, afterwards cancel anytime


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4.13 / 5

Great Condition Promise

Every device you rent with Grover is either new or like new – and always tested for technical perfection. It’s our Great Condition Promise.

Under the hood


Over-ear headphones




Up to 20h with ANC & 3D audio


Optical sensor (in each earpiece), Position sensor (in each earpiece), Case detection sensor (in each earpiece), Accelerometer (in each earcup), Gyro sensor (left earcup)


Lightning cable

Key features

Dynamic driver developed by Apple provides rich, deep bass, accurate mid-ranges, and crisp, clean high-frequency extension so every note can be heard. Transparency mode, Adaptive EQ, 3D audio with dynamic head tracking, digital crown control, Storage in the smart case extends the battery life through extremely low energy consumption, multi-connect allows automatic device switching.

Noise canceling


Wireless charging


Integrated microphone

9x microphones for noise cancellation and voice capture

Intelligent functions

Voice control with Siri, smart case, wear detection

Water/splash resistant


Frequency response, Sound pressure level & Impedance


Inside the box

Over the ear acoustic excellence

Cancel noise and focus on the sounds that matter

Apple Airpods Max blend comfort and audio performance, showcasing every note and delivering cavernous bass while screening listeners from the world outside. That way, you can zone out and relax, and let the music work its magic.

Designed for mobile musical enjoyment

These over-the-ear phones are completely wire-free, using Bluetooth 5.0 to connect with mobile devices and laptops. The 385g weight is evenly distributed via steel and anodised aluminium elements, while memory-foam cushioning around the cups and headband make them extremely comfortable to wear on buses, trains or wandering around town.

Elite level noise suppression

Few over-ear headphones can compete with Apple Airpods Max when it comes to screening exterior noise. Expect traffic and conversations to be blanked out, letting music or podcasts take centre stage. But if you prefer, Transparency mode can instantly let the world back in - handy for taking calls.

Small-scale surround sound

Another area where the Airpods Max excel is audio quality. Thanks to Apple's 3D Audio system, they can create the equivalent of Surround Sound from tiny portable headphones. You've never experienced music like this from over-the-ear devices.

Impressive charge

Airpods Max also score highly in the battery stakes. Users can enjoy up to 20h with ANC & 3D audio switched on, while just 5 minutes of charging can deliver 90 minutes of play with every feature engaged. There's even a low power mode which retains a charge for months. It's the ultimate in mobile listening.

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4.13 / 5