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Stay agile in turbulent times

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Grover Care

If an asset breaks, we’ll cover 90% of the repair costs

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Keep track of your tech at a glance

Equip your team faster using kits

Assign and ship tech to employees

Keep track of your tech at a glance

Equip your team faster using kits

Assign and ship tech to employees

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We believe sharing tech will help further our collective goal to leave this planet better than we found it.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I rent with Grover Business?Plus Icon
Create a business account and choose the tech you want to rent. For most assets, you can select a minimum rental period of 1, 3, 6, 12, or 24 months.

Subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis. After the minimum rental period, you can keep on renting or return the asset free of charge.
How do I get a Business offer?Plus Icon
If you can’t find the right assets or want to order in larger amounts, please get in touch with our business support. Reach them via the chatbot, or email: [email protected].
What happens if an asset gets damaged?Plus Icon
If your product is damaged during the rental period, Grover Care covers 90% of the repair costs (50% coverage for drones). You won’t be charged for any device errors or defects from the manufacturer.

If the damage to your device is beyond repair, Grover Care will only require you to pay 10% (or 50% for drones) of the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) determined at the beginning of your rental. Normal signs of use will be removed for free.
Can a public institution use Grover Business?Plus Icon
Yes, you can also rent tech for a public institution—for example a school, a library, or a theater—with Grover Business. If you need help creating an account, please get in touch. Our business support is happy to help.
Are all Grover products new?Plus Icon
Grover rents out new and as good as new products. Before a device is shipped, it must pass our extensive quality check and go through a multi-stage preparation process. If a device doesn't meet your expectations, please get in touch with business support. We'll freely and immediately replace any asset that isn't in good shape when delivered.
How can I return a device I no longer need?Plus Icon
After your minimum rental period, you can return your assets for free. Go to My Tech > End rental to download your return label. Please make sure to reset the asset to its factory settings and unpair any user accounts.

As soon as your package is received by the shipping service provider, your monthly payments will be paused. The rental ends when we've received the product and checked if it’s in good condition.
What is Grover Business Premium?Plus Icon
With Grover Business Premium you get an all-in-one tool for all tech-related processes in your company. A glimpse of the available features:

Assign assets to employees
  • Assign, unassign, and reassign assets flexibly
  • Keep track of who uses which tech
  • Find unassigned tech for new joiners immediately
Create and manage employee profiles
  • Create employee profiles manually or import data from a CSV file
  • Add home addresses to deliver assets directly to remote workers
  • Choose between office and home addresses during checkout
Track orders
  • Keep track of your order status
  • Ensure a smooth delivery
Manage payments
  • Keep track of due and overdue invoices
  • Check and download all recent and past invoices
Create and order tech kits
  • Create custom tech kits for your teams
  • Order and reorder kits with a few clicks
Filter and analyze
  • Filter for employees, unassigned assets, product categories, due payments or open orders.
  • Customize tables on the Assets, Employees, and Orders pages and choose which columns should be displayed.
Find all important details on the overview screen
  • How many assets you’re renting
  • How much you’re spending on tech
  • Which assets can be returned and upgraded
  • Which payments are due or scheduled
Get in touch with our business support to book a demo.