Access over ownership

Earth Day 1

We need a new vision for production and consumption

Unused personal electronics are piling up, resulting in over 50 million tons of e-waste per year–and this number is predicted to double by 2050. Our mission is to sustainably improve access to technology.

Earth Day 2

Overcoming the digital divide

Technology is becoming more critical for learning, work, and general life. However, access isn’t matching this growing need. By helping to bridge this divide, more people are able to access tech without the impact of buying, or shouldering repair costs.

Earth Day 3

Own not, waste not

By bringing tech consumption into the circular economy, we can create a more sustainable model. One that focuses on ensuring access to the tech products you need, for as long as you need them, rather than the traditional make-consume-throw away pattern.

Here's how

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Refurbishment is the new new

Using recycled materials can save up to 80% of C02 emissions compared to new products. Refurbishment results in a like-new experience each time, while retaining value and extending the lifecycle. Using this model, we've circulated 820,000 devices so far.

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Consume responsibly

Renting technology means flexibility while improving experience and access. You can also try out more products than you would if you had to buy each item. We’ve also got you covered with Grover Care, so you don’t have to worry about damage and repairs.

sustainability 3

Living (tech) life to the fullest

Avoiding the production of new devices allows us to actively reduce resource consumption and the production of e-waste. On average, our products are circulated 3-8 times, while certain products, like drones, are circulated up to 15 times.

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