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How It Works
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How renting works

Learn about placing an order, the benefits of renting, and our commitment to saving resources.

How renting works


Getting started with Grover


Choose your tech

Find your dream tech and ideal rental plan. Shorter and more flexible, or longer at a lower price?

Choose your tech

Check out

After placing your order, we run a credit check and email you the result and shipping details within 24 hours.

Check out

Use it, love it

We deliver your device ASAP. Then you’re free to enjoy your tech to the fullest.

Use it, love it

Refurbish and recirculate

Returned devices are wiped of all data, cleaned, repaired, and rented again for others to enjoy.

Refurbish and recirculate

Tech on your terms

The benefits of renting

Wallet Friendly
Low monthly costs
Say goodbye to high upfront prices and long-term financing. Get the tech you need at byte-sized prices.
Latest Tech
Get the latest tech
Access new devices as soon as they’re available—and sync your rental plan to the release of next year's model.
Carbon Footprint
Own less, waste less
Recirculated devices don't end up unused or as e-waste, instead being enjoyed by more people, for longer.
Rental Period
Rent as long as you like
1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year? Then, continue renting at your current price, extend for less, or return for free.
Damage Coverage
Damage coverage
Grover Care helps cover the costs. Normal signs of use are completely covered.

Other advantages

All part of the package

  • Free returns
  • No hidden costs
  • Data cleaning
  • Support circularity
  • Flexible rental plans

Grover Guarantee

Feel better about your tech

  • Cover your tech

    Be ready for whatever life throws at you. In case of damages, Grover Care helps cover the costs.

    Read more
    Your tech is covered
  • Our devices are recirculated

    We want to reduce unused devices and our impact on the planet. Between 2015-2022, Grover rentals prevented an estimated 160,000 e-waste product.

    Our devices are recirculated
  • Devices are new or like-new

    Each returned device is thoroughly inspected and repaired—so all the tech at Grover is new or as good as new. That's our Great Condition Promise.

    Read more
    Devices are new or like-new
  • Your data is safe

    As soon as a device is returned, we perform a complete data wipe. This ensures that none of your personal information remains.

    Your data is safe

Customer reviews

Rated 4.4/5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I damage a device or cause signs of use?Plus Icon
We want you to enjoy our products as though they were yours. Small scratches and normal signs of use will be cleaned after return for free. There are no charges for device errors from the manufacturer. In case of severe signs of wear, such as display breakage, Grover Care help cover the costs. Repair service fees will apply. The amount will depend on which Grover Care option you choose. Check out our example photos of normal signs of use that we repair for free and also photos of more severe damage. Learn more about Grover Care.
How can I cancel my rental?Plus Icon
No worries, you don't have to submit a complicated formal notice. To end your rental, simply return your product to Grover at the end of your minimum rental period. You’ll find your free return label in your customer account. Once the return label has been scanned by your shipping provider, your monthly payments will stop. The rental contract is cancelled once the product has been received and successfully processed.
How do I pay and when do I get charged?Plus Icon
You can choose between PayPal or Credit Card to pay for your rentals. The first monthly rental payment is charged when ordering, but the rental period doesn’t officially start until you receive your product. So you won't ever pay for any time when you aren’t using your product. The delivery date determines the recurring monthly payment date.
Can anyone rent with Grover?Plus Icon
When you place a rental order with us, our algorithm checks your data for accuracy and to make sure you’re a real person. We also carry out a short automatic credit check. For this, it’s important you enter your data correctly and avoid typing errors. If either the data check or the credit check is negative, we unfortunately can’t provide you with a device. The check usually only takes a few minutes, one business day maximum.
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