Get the tech you want whenever you need it. Simply, flexibly, sustainably.

Example Grover products


  1. Browse our website and find the tech you want.
  2. Select how many months you’d like to rent.
  3. Place an order and make your first payment. We’ll run quick security checks to make sure you’re you.


  1. The first month of rent is paid at checkout, then we’ll bill you monthly on the anniversary of when you received your product.
  2. In case of damage, we’ll cover 90% of the repair costs.
  3. Want to keep it longer? Continue month-to-month after your minimum rental period, switch to a longer plan to save money, or even buy your tech.


  1. When your minimum rental period is over, print your free return label, box up your product, and take it to a parcel shop.
  2. We’ll process and quality control the device at our Grover warehouse.
  3. It’s back online, as good as new and ready to be rented again.


With Grover, only pay for what you use. Rent tech for as long as you need and return it free of charge.

Great condition

We thoroughly clean and refurbish our devices, so every product you rent will be new or as good as new, guaranteed.


Relax knowing 90% repair or replacement coverage (Grover Care) is included in your rent.

Frequently Asked Questions


If accidental damage happens during your rental, Grover covers 90% of the repair costs for damages of all kinds, including display breakage, water damage, technical defects, or severe signs of use. If the product can't be repaired, Grover covers 90% of the product's retail price at the time of order placement.

For drones, we cover 50% of the costs for repairs or replacement. Of course, there are no charges for device errors from the manufacturer. Normal signs of use and small scratches don’t count as damage, so don’t worry about those at all. Here you'll find example photos of normal signs of use that we repair for free plus photos of more severe damage where you'd have to pay 10% of the repair costs.

At Grover, we believe renting your tech is the best way to stay up to date while avoiding large purchases, but we also know that sometimes, buying a device is the better alternative. That's why we offer the option to buy your Grover tech at any point or work towards a purchase simply by paying off your monthly subscription payments. So relax if you decide to keep a product—you won't end up paying rent forever.
No worries, you don't have to submit a complicated formal notice. To end your rental, simply return your product to Grover at the end of your minimum rental period. You’ll find your free return label in your customer account. Once the return label has been scanned by your shipping provider, your monthly payments will stop. The rental contract is cancelled once the product has been received and successfully processed.
You can choose between PayPal or Credit Card to pay for your rentals. The first monthly rental payment is charged when ordering, but the rental period doesn’t officially start until you receive your product. So you won't ever pay for any time when you aren’t using your product. The delivery date determines the recurring monthly payment date.
When you place a rental order with us, our algorithm checks your data for accuracy and to make sure you’re a real person. We also carry out a short automatic credit check. For this, it’s important you enter your data correctly and avoid typing errors. If either the data check or the credit check is negative, we unfortunately can’t provide you with a device. The check usually only takes a few minutes, one business day maximum.

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