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Must Have Accessories for the Macbook Pro M1 in 2022

The Macbook Pro M1 packs a whole lot of performance and processing power for your creative projects and day-to-day tasks into a sleek and stunning package. As with any laptop, form is nothing without function – and there are a few bits and pieces you’ll need to take your Macbook Pro experience to the next level and maximise what all that extra M1 power can do for you. Here’s the lowdown on the must have Macbook Pro M1 accessories.

Headphones: Airpods Pro & Airpods Max

From streaming must-see content to making video calls on the move, Apple users need crystal-clear sound wherever they go – so excellent headphones are a must. You can’t go wrong with Airpods with Macbook Pro.

Compact and sleek with Bluetooth technology, in-ear Airpods Pro are among the most sought-after Apple accessories for Macbook Pro M1. If you’re deep in flow state and don’t want any distractions, look no further than Apple Airpods Max – a pair of high-performance over-ear headphones featuring the ultimate in noise-cancelling technology.

Learn more about the Apple Airpods Pro and Apple Airpods Max

Keyboard & trackpad for your Macbook Pro M1

Laptops like the Macbook Pro 14 inch are compact bits of kit designed to look great and fit in a carry case. But you can make more of your Macbook’s power on the move with essential Macbook Pro M1 accessories such as the Apple Magic Keyboard and use an Apple trackpad with Macbook Pro M1 for maximum comfort. Complete with a numeric keypad and touch ID, the wireless Magic Keyboard offers ergonomic typing anytime, anywhere, while the Magic Trackpad 2 with Bluetooth connectivity provides a bigger canvas for browsing.

Rent the Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Apple Magic Mouse

Enjoy a mouse that’s designed for precise navigation on your Macbook Pro M1 wherever you go – the Apple Magic Mouse. This little critter was created to help you get the most of your Macbook experience on the move.

Meet the Apple Magic Mouse

Best monitor for your Macbook Pro M1

Although sleek and stylish, a Macbook Pro 16 inch isn’t going to offer you the full-screen experience of a desktop computer. Amp up its visual presence with a big and beautiful monitor.

The stunning Philips 34" WQHD Curved Screen Monitor offers panoramic visuals ideal for keeping track of all your projects and programs in one go.

If you’re looking for something a little sleeker, the LG - 27" Ultrafine offers crisp visuals in a slimline compact design.

Apple Duo Charger

Of course, the key to getting the most out of all your gadgets and accessories is keeping them juiced up. The Apple Magsafe Duo Charger is an Apple charge station designed to keep your Airpods and co. powered up and ready to go.

When switching from using your Macbook Pro at home to on the go, check out the Universal Thunderbolt 4 Dock from Lenovo. Use this dock station for Macbook Pro M1 for all your charging needs (though check compatibility with your device).

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