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Windows 11 means less barriers

Devices with Microsoft Windows 11 come with helpful functions for greater accessibility. Find out how you can use them to their full potential.

Lighter navigation

Accessibility features make it easier for you to stay in control. Check out what’s possible with Windows 11:

  • Customize the clearly organized taskbar

  • Turn your speech into continuous text with the dictation function

  • Navigate conveniently from app to app using voice control

  • Use eye control thanks to the eye-tracking camera 

Lighter vision

Find everything you need on Windows 11 devices. These are the accessible features in the “Vision"" section: 

  • Immersive Reader and read-aloud function/voice output—allow image content and texts to be read aloud to you 

  • Office Lens: Scan documents and enhance the text within images

Lighter sound

Improve conversations thanks to the following accessibility features: 

  • Customize the display duration of notifications and use screen flash

  • Combine the left and right audio channels to mono audio 

  • Display live subtitles

Lighter learning

Find the best focus. This is how Windows 11 helps you learn:

  • Adjust brightness and contrast with color control 

  • Use the color filter for various forms of color blindness 

  • Magnify content with the screen magnifier 

  • Personalize the cursor, text size, color, and more 

  • Suppress notifications with the "Do not disturb" function

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