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4k ultra short throw projectors: Expensive but worth it?

How far can you throw? Not the first question that comes to mind when choosing a projector, but an important one, as the “throw” is the minimum distance required by a projector to display its image onto a screen. Before kitting out your home cinema, it is a good idea to know what makes a 4k short throw projector stand out and what the best short throw projectors in the market right now are.

What is an ultra short throw projector? 

There are plenty of aspects to consider when shopping around for a new projector, and some are similar to what you would take into account when picking a TV: resolution, brightness, compactness, mounting options, remote control, WiFi and the like. One thing, though, is unique to projectors and can be easy to overlook: its “throw”. As the minimum distance required by the projector to create a clearly recognizable image on a wall or screen, the throw determines exactly where you can set it up.

An ultra short throw projector is designed specifically for use as part of a home theater setup. It requires very little distance to be able to project a clear image, meaning you can hook it up in a bedroom, lounge or rec room – regardless of its dimensions. Depending on preference, you may want to mount it from the ceiling or rest it on a flat surface, but the beauty of an ultra short throw lens is that you can place it virtually anywhere.

Long throw versus short throw projectors: what’s the difference?

Choosing between a long throw projector, short throw projector and ultra short throw projector ultimately comes down to what you intend to use it for. Spend your days giving presentations in public spaces or live in an apartment the size of a bowling alley? A long throw projector is ideal if you want to project an image at a distance of 6 feet (1.8 m) or more. A short throw projector is best if space is at a premium in your pad: set it up in a lounge or bedroom, throw the image onto the opposite wall and enjoy your home theater in complete comfort. The best ultra short throw projectors are able to create a big-screen experience even if they are mere inches away from the canvas or wall – with no loss of image quality.

Is a 4k short throw projector worth investing in?

Absolutely! Not only does it have a much smaller footprint than a television, but it provides a much larger image – and all you need is a table or shelf to rest it on. As for the 4k resolution, the sheer clarity it provides means once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never want to go back. A short throw projector with 4k capability has four times more pixels than Full HD, offering a much more vibrant and detailed image overall. What’s more, the ultra short throw projector laser that is so integral to the system reduces shadows and eliminates glare from the light source. And by positioning an ultra short throw projector so close to a screen or wall, it minimizes the chance of obscuring the projector light or becoming accidentally blinded by it. In other words: there’s nothing standing in the way (literally!) of a premium viewing experience.

Rent your ultra-short throw projector from Grover today and transform your bedroom, lounge or living space into a fully fledged home theater. All you need now is the popcorn.

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