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Entertainment on the go: Are tablets good for gaming?

Light, portable, powerful and with premium features galore, a tablet is the perfect gaming accessory for at home and on the go. From using it as a second screen to whiling away the hours during a commute, a tablet should be part of every casual and serious gamer’s tech repertoire.

Is gaming better on a phone or tablet?

The answer to this question is a matter of preference. Some gamers will be happy simply to have a device they can carry around in their pocket. What’s more, some smartphones are now being tailored specifically to the preferences of gamers, offering strong performance and good visuals within a compact system – not to mention a longer battery life (though the battery for a gaming tablet tends to be no slouch either).

However, to get the full gaming-on-the-go experience, tablets stand apart from smartphones in several respects. First is the smoother experience offered by a tablet due to its higher refresh rate, which minimizes lag. This is bolstered by its superior GPU and processor, which combine to provide an enhanced frame rate, higher-resolution graphics and better overall processing power. You’ll certainly notice the benefits of having more tech under the hood when playing your game of choice on the tablet’s large-format screen.

The best tablets for gaming: what to consider

Strategy, RPG or FPS: whatever you play, there are three aspects you shouldn’t overlook when shopping around for good tablets for gaming: battery power, resolution and RAM.


The battery for a gaming tablet is essential for playing convenience. You should expect to be able to play for around 10 hours with normal use. Of course, you can choose to charge your tablet while playing, but this can lead to overheating (depending on the game), so keep that in mind.


Screen quality and the resolution that comes with it will make or break a game in terms of visuals. It’s advisable to have a resolution of at least 1800 x 1200 pixels to ensure a crisp, clear image on your tablet.


For most games, 4 GB of RAM will be enough to get the full experience. Even so, 6 GB is recommended for some newer, more ambitious games, as you may suffer lag issues otherwise – not great either way, but especially not if you’re playing online. High-spec tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ or newer Apple iPads come with 8 GB.

The best iPads for gaming

Apple is a strong option when considering the best tablets for gaming. Two iPads stand out here: the first is the Apple 11” iPad Pro , which comes with an iOS 14 operating system and 128 GB of storage, allowing you to store around 5 to 10 games. The games themselves look fantastic on the 11-inch Liquid Retina display, while the Apple M1 processor can handle anything you throw at it. The second option is the Apple 12.9” iPad Pro . It has a larger Liquid Retina display, 8 GB of RAM, a 40-hour battery life, 128 GB of storage and a powerful Apple M1 processor, meaning it can handle 4K streaming and even demanding games with ease.

Gaming with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ is a strong android tablet for gaming: it contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and an Adreno 730 GPU, a high-end chip offering a fast, efficient gaming experience. You’ll see it in all its glory, too, thanks to the 12.4-inch super AMOLED display. It also has 256 GB of storage, so you can have between 10 and 20 games installed at the same time, as well as 8 GB of memory and an Android 12 operating system. Be sure to try out the cameras, as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ comes with a powerful 12 MP ultrawide camera on the front and 13 MP and 6 MP ultrawide cameras on the rear.

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