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Best cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaners: a guide

Efficient, flexible and easy to store: cordless vacuum cleaners can revolutionize your household cleaning regime. This guide takes a look at the best cordless vacuums available to rent.

Why are cordless vacuum cleaners such a popular choice?

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way in a relatively short time. Gone are the days when we had to drag around a cumbersome box on wheels, taking it only as far as its cable would allow. Cleaning is now a breeze thanks to a whole spectrum of cordless vacuum cleaners that take tight corners, difficult-to-reach spots and different floor types in stride. Like the Dyson Omni-glide cordless vacuum cleaner , for example: it traps virtually all dust, is super maneuverable and is compact and lightweight, making it easy to handle and store.

How effective are cordless vacuum cleaners?

Cordless rechargeable vacuums come with many advantages over their corded counterparts. Worried about battery and suction power? Don’t be: plenty of cordless stick vacuums offer 30 minutes or more of serious cleaning on a single charge and can handle everything from hardwood floors to thick carpets.


Need to get under the dining table, the kids’ beds or the cabinet in the lounge? This is where a cordless rechargeable vacuum is king: the vacuum has a roller cleaner head that can change direction with ease, it can be converted into a smaller handheld for counters and crevices, and it comes with various additional nozzles, brushes and tools for maximum performance.


Sleek and streamlined, the best cordless stick vacuums are so lightweight that they weigh less than two kilograms – making them especially convenient to use over a longer period of time. 

Specific jobs

Some cordless rechargeable vacuums are designed for specific cleaning jobs. The Shark Cordless Pet Plus is a prime example: it is engineered to pick up pet hair from carpets, clean hard-to-reach crevices and minimize allergens in the air. The result is a cleaner, more comfortable home for owners and pets alike.

What should you consider before choosing the best cordless stick vacuum for you?

There are three main things to consider before dipping your toe into the cordless vacuum market. First up: battery time. Do you prefer to clean the whole house in one go? In that case, you’ll want a cordless stick vacuum that offers a battery capacity of upwards of 30 minutes – and a display showing the run time countdown and power mode. Prefer to tackle dust as and when you spot it? In that case, the battery won’t be an issue at all.

The second aspect to take into account is the floor type. Thick pile rugs may feel comfy underfoot, but they’re also the perfect hiding place for dust and other debris. In these situations, you’ll want to choose from cordless vacuum cleaners that have a high-suction option. While this option will drain the battery much more quickly, it’ll also root out dust and debris from your rugs and leave them good as new. Some versions, like the Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Stick Vacuum , even come with a laser to reveal microscopic dust and an anti-tangle comb that shreds hair. It’ll also switch between suction types depending on the floor type.

Third on the list is user friendliness. How simple is it to release the dustbin? Is it as simple as pressing a button or does it have a tricky valve? Does it come with a removable battery pack for ease of charging? Can the brush roll cope with long strands of hair or will you have to spend time unspooling them by hand? Is the filter washable? How about a crevice tool for cleaning skirting boards, sills and so on? These are all questions you should consider when looking over the selection of cordless vacuum cleaners on offer – no one vacuum will do it all, so make sure to prioritize what you actually need from your new cleaning companion.

Renting cordless rechargeable vacuums with Grover

At Grover, we stock a wide range of cordless vacuums from brands such as Dyson, Shark, Samsung and LG, so you can find the vacuum cleaner that best suits your home. Hardwood floors, thick pile carpets, pet hair, difficult-to-reach spaces and more: the act of making your home dust and debris free is more unique than you may think. Turn your cleaning session from a chore into a convenient habit with some of the best cordless vacuums available on the market.

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