Logitech G923 Gaming Wheel (XBOX + PC)

Wheel + pedals, next generation TRUEFORCE force feedback


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Inside the box

Incredible virtual racing from the Logitech G923 Gaming Wheel (XBOX + PC)

Punchy feedback and a convincing pedal set

Combining a wheel and pedals to bring you a more authentic driving experience, the Logitech G923 Gaming Wheel (XBOX + PC) will be a solid addition to any setup. The resistance level is enough to simulate the thrill of racing, hugging the track while you’re on course and spinning off when you overcook a bend. ## Realistic driving effects from TrueForce

Powered by TrueForce software, the wheel gives off a gentle hum as you’re in motion. It’s designed to provide tactile feedback for an immersive gaming experience, so expect a reaction to weather conditions and terrain. PC users can head over to Logitech’s G Hub to manage the controls before starting a game and tweak them down to the last detail. ## Three responsive pedals with carpet grips

Punch, tap and feather the clutch, accelerator and brake for speedy reactions and tension you can feel. To make sure it’s not sliding all over the floor during your final lap, a system of in-built carpet grips keeps the pedal plate locked into place. ## The Logitech G923 Gaming Wheel (XBOX + PC) boasts great build quality

The wheel is finished in metal and leather with enough padding to protect your hands on longer sessions. You’ll get a great level of responsiveness from the shift paddles and below there are mounts to position the unit securely on your desk.

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4.13 / 5