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OLED and LED TVs for gaming: Xbox, PS5 and more

OLED and LED TVs for next-gen gaming consoles

Gamers know that when it comes to selecting a gaming TV, they need to look beyond classic considerations such as image quality, screen size and a decent price. The console market moves fast, and you don’t want your TV to get left behind. That means making sure you invest in the best TV for your next gen console, such as the Xbox X and PS5.

When buying any gaming TV, two aspects are key. You’re looking for a low input lag – that’s the time between pressing a button on your controller and seeing the results in-game, all-important for a smooth and immersive gaming experience. The best TV for PS5, Xbox X and more will also ideally include at least one HDMI 2.1 connection so you can get the most out of resolution and variable refresh rate when you play. Here’s the lowdown on choosing the best TV for gaming.


When shopping for TVs, consumers can currently choose between the older and more prevalent LED TV technology and the latest OLED technology. The main difference is how they use light. LED TVs are backlit by groups of light-emitting diodes. These TVs offer colorful images for great value – but their external light source results in uneven brightness and less contrast.

Got a bigger budget? It could be time to join the OLED revolution. Organic light-emitting diode technology is a step-change in TV technology. Switching the LED backlight for self-illuminating pixel-by-pixel technology, OLED consumes less energy and offers an ultra-flat panel design with incredible speed, color, and contrast.

LED TVs for gaming

LEDs are still the standard on the market, and are available in all shapes, sizes, and specifications. They can make great budget gaming TVs. The key feature to look out for is input lag. This should be 30 ms or lower for gaming TVs. Refresh rates are either 60 Hz or 120 Hz – bigger is better for games with complex graphics. Some features can also make gameplay smoother and speedier, such as Variable Refresh Rate or Game Mode, which allow the TV to adapt to the game you are playing.

OLED TVs for gaming

OLED TVs are all about gorgeous graphics and ultra-fast response times, with pixel-by-pixel illumination creating color that’s more lifelike than ever. These cutting-edge models are at the higher end of the price range, but are well worth it.

Best 4k TVs for gaming

For the most stunning graphics, opt for ultra high definition 4K resolution. Here are a few of the best TVs for console gaming.

LG 48" Class C1 Series OLED48C1PUB: With a speedy 120 Hz refresh rate, this OLED makes an outstanding 4K TV for gaming.

LG 48" Class A1 Series OLED48A1PUA: The magic of OLED technology – and easy on your wallet. This gaming TV hits the spot with a slower but still effective 60 Hz refresh rate.

Sony 43" Class X85J: For a 4K experience on an LED TV, look no further than this cheaper option from Sony. Two HDMI 2.1 connections place it among the best TVs for next-gen consoles.

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