Thrustmaster T500 RS GT

Steering wheel incl. 3-pedal set for PS3 / PC

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T500 RS GT: Realistic racing simulator with official Gran Turismo 6 license

The T500 RS is a true driving simulator that combines power and precision. Thrustmaster relied on more than 20 years of racing wheel experience with the sole purpose of developing a handlebar with pedal set that allows users to enjoy the GT6 feeling to their fullest. The developers have taken into account the expectations of the most demanding players, while maintaining the technical selection of the developers of this new opus of the benchmarking car series

The official dual license of the T500 RS for GT6 and PlayStation is the result of this unique lineup, as Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital and senior vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. explains: "The goal I set for the Thrustmaster team was for me the development of one of the most accurate steering wheel ever developed, with no latencies to accurately reproduce GT6's sensory impressions and convey to the user exactly the same true emotions experienced by riders on real racetracks. "

The steering wheel of the Thrustmaster T500 RS

Ergonomics was crucial to handlebar development, without losing sight of optimized gaming, performance and driving experience. The base-mounted sequential gearshift levers feature 17-cm gear sticks that are always accessible without letting go of the handlebars. The handlebar itself offers a remarkable 1080 ° turn. These three full revolutions are also adjustable, thanks to a motorized stop, which allows the player a maximum number of revolutions, depending on the track and the vehicle.

The T500 RS is a true racing simulator, designed for the most diehard racing fans: its power is unbeatable, thanks to the Force Feedback effects via a 65W industrial engine, the 150mNm at 3000 RPM. offers. The force feedback mechanism is energetic, responsive and extremely responsive. Despite the potent power, the large integrated dual-belt system guarantees recoilless and smooth-running behavior. Fans of the most intense racing experience know that power alone does not enable them to achieve the best performance. In this thought, the T500 RS offers total precision that never diminishes. As a result, the handlebar is super-precise with 16-bit resolution and 65536 values ​​on its control axis.

Main Features:

  • Realistic steering wheel
  • 30 cm diameter with central brushed metal spokes
  • Authentic, sequential shifters in polished metal.

    Force Feedback:
  • Distance Accurate Technology System (H.E.A.R.T)
  • 16-bit resolution! (65536 values ​​on the controller)
  • Force Feedback with industrial motor (Torque 150mNm, 3000rpm, 65W, Ø 52mm)
  • Super powerful, fast response force feedback mechanism
  • Plug motor drive.
  • Mechanism with two big straps
  • rotation angle adjustable up to 1080 °! (3 full turns)

    The pedals of the Thrustmaster T500 RS

    The distance and height of the 100% metal pedal set is also fully adjustable and accommodates individual riding styles by offering two positions: "floor-mounted" for the F1 style or "hanging" for the GT style. The brake pedal has been given extra attention with its reinforced and adjustable resistance that allows users to tailor brakes with near-surgical precision and a detachable mod.

    A textured footrest. also made of metal, completes the pedal set. Players will notice that the presence of three available pedals not only improves the level of reality. The pedal set on the T500 RS is 100% customizable: you can adjust the height, gap and pitch angle of each pedal and even replace it with a set of motorsport manufacturers. The pedal set of the T500 RS is made of 100% metal (7Kg) for optimum stability, durability and the most realistic simulation experience.

    Main Features:
  • Two positions of your choice (standing: F1 or hanging: GT)
  • Metal pedals for optimum stability and resistance.
  • Weight approx. 7 kg
  • 3 pedals with fully adjustable pedal spacing, height and incline.
  • Brake pedal with reinforced and adjustable resistance
  • Footrest made of metal and non-slip grating


    Is a new technology developed by Thrustmaster to reproduce movements that are performed on a product in games. It is based on magnetic - and not mechanical - 3D (HallEffect) sensors, which are placed in different locations depending on the product in question. The precision that can be achieved by using this technology is significantly higher than traditional technologies.

    Another advantage of this system: The elimination of friction does not cause any mechanical wear - for lasting precision, which is not diminished over time. The level of precision is also enhanced by the absence of dead zones: even the slightest movement by the player gives a response. Game actions are therefore linear, calm and inappropriate jerk. This technology has been patent pending.

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