How subscribing
with Grover works

Three easy steps:


Take a look around the site, and find something you like. Click on “subscribe” and pay your first month. Your subscription starts as soon as you receive the product.


Keep it as long as you want. Love at first sight? You can extend your subscription any time and enjoy a lower monthly payment. And we know accidents can happen, so if you damage anything, we’ll pay 90% of the repair costs.

Send back

Don’t need it anymore? Send it back to us for free. Your subscription ends as soon as you drop it off at DHL.
Mavic Pro
Samsung Gear
iPhone 7
Canon 7D

…or want to buy it?

No problem. Three months after you’ve reached the recommended retail price (RRP), it’s yours. Or, before that, 30% of your subscription payments go towards the cost.

Rethink things.
If you want to break the world’s linear ways of living. If you want to keep things in circulation, instead of just throwing them away. If you want to live, work, and play with more freedom than ever before. Join us.
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