Invite friends
Get €30 Grover Cash

Invite a friend to Grover and you both get €30 Grover Cash.
Easy as 1-2-3
Tell your friends
Share your personalized link with 1 or more friends. The more the merrier.
Share the wealth
For each friend that starts their first Grover subscription, you both get €30 Grover Cash.
Spend your Grover Cash
You can start applying your Grover Cash reward toward future payments 2 weeks after your friend receives their device.

Track your referrals

Every time a friend starts a subscription using the link you shared, you’ll be notified.

Frequently asked questions

What’s Grover?Plus Icon
Grover is a fresh alternative to owning tech. We’re giving people simple and flexible access to technology by offering the freedom to rent devices monthly instead of buying them. We’re pioneering a more sustainable, circular way of using tech products so that they’re used longer and aren’t left to collect dust.
Who can I refer to Grover?Plus Icon
You can refer friends, relatives, colleagues—anyone you think will enjoy renting tech. They have to be a real person (no pets or imaginary friends, sorry). Our algorithm will check that your friends are real. Better luck next time, Sparkles. If either the data check or the credit check fails, we can’t provide a device. The check usually only takes a few minutes, one business day max.
All joking aside, we take the handling of personal data seriously. For more info, check our Privacy Policy. Referrals are not available for Grover Business.
How many friends can I invite?Plus Icon
You can invite between 1 and 15 people. If your crew is bigger than that, better choose your friends wisely! Make sure everyone you contact is happy to be invited to Grover—no one likes receiving spam from strangers.
Why do I want Grover Cash?Plus Icon
If you successfully invite new customers to Grover, you get Grover Cash. You can apply Grover Cash to your subscriptions to get tech for less—or even free… aw yeah! Use your Grover Cash across as many rentals as you like, but only €20 per subscription each month.
We use Grover Cash to reward your circularity—it can only be applied toward existing or future rentals (not purchases). Choosing to keep a device forever, even after applying Grover Cash, means having to pay the agreed-upon retail cost with real money (payments using Grover Cash don’t count).
Learn more in our General Terms and Conditions.
How do I earn Grover Cash from referrals?Plus Icon
For every friend who uses your personal link to start a subscription, you’ll get €20 Grover Cash. Your friend will also get the same amount. You can invite up to 15 people to join Grover via your personalized link. That means up to €300 Grover Cash could be yours!
When can I start using my Grover Cash from referrals?Plus Icon
If a friend has invited you to Grover, you’ll get your Grover Cash after your first order is approved. After you receive your first order, you’ll be able to apply Grover Cash to future payments.
If you’re the one doing the inviting, you’ll get your Grover Cash 2 weeks after your friend receives their first order. It’ll be worth the wait, promise.
Can I apply Grover Cash to multiple subscriptions?Plus Icon
Of course. Grover Cash can be applied across different subscriptions. Remember: You can use as much as you like each month, but only €20 per subscription. If you’re sitting on a stash of Grover Cash, you can spread it across existing and new rentals. It’s up to you.
Will my Grover Cash expire?Plus Icon
Grover Cash earned via referrals will expire 36 months after you receive it. We’ll email you at least 3 months before the expiration date.
Are there other ways to earn Grover Cash?Plus Icon
We’re glad you asked. You can also earn Grover Cash with the Grover Card. Every time you make a purchase with the Grover Card, you earn 3% cashback, which is converted into Grover Cash. If you earn Grover Cash from referrals and your Grover Card, it’s all added into the same pot.
How much Grover Cash can I earn and spend via referrals?Plus Icon
The max amount of Grover Cash you can currently earn from referrals is €300. That’s if 15 friends use your personalized link. The current spending limit is €20 per month, per subscription. This could change in the future. You’ll be the first to know if it does.