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Rent now, decide later

Not sure how long you want to keep the product? Rent it for one month and extend your subscription later and save up to 40% per month.

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What's Grover?

Grover gives you the freedom of renting. Through us, you can rent the latest tech monthly, and use it as if you own it. Now, you don’t have to pay the full price to use things, or invest a lot of money in things that quickly go out of date. With Grover you have the choice. Rent as long as you want, pay monthly, and buy any time. So you can experience more, waste less, and always stay at the cutting-edge of technology.

How long can I subscribe to a product for?

As long as you like. You subscribe for as little as a month, and can send it back at any time. You can also buy it from us, or you'll automatically own it three months after you've reached the recommended retail price (RRP). Exception: If you selected our initial three-month plan while placing your order, you can't return your product before the first three months have passed. After those three months, you can return your product on a monthly basis.

What happens if the product gets damaged?

If your product is damaged during your rental, you are obligated to file a report within 14 days. In your customer account, you'll find the damage form next to your product. Click on the button 'Report damage' and fill out the form. After you've sent us the form, we'll process it and get back to you with next steps. Every product is insured up to 90%, meaning that we will take on 90% of the repair costs in case of damage. Signs of normal usage are completely covered, but if the damage can not be repaired, you will pay a maximum of 10% of the retail price at the beginning of your rental. Lost or stolen products are not insured.