Philips 4000 Serie HD8847/01

CoffeeSwitch, integrated milk carafe

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You want to enjoy your morning coffee or a strong espresso? Thanks to the unique Coffee Switch, you can switch between espresso and soft coffee with just one hand movement - both from fresh beans.

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Philips 4000 Series: The taste of coffee or espresso – the choice is yours

You want to enjoy your morning mild coffee, and recharge your batteries in the afternoon with a strong espresso? Thanks to the unique CoffeeSwitch, you can switch between espresso and soft coffee for real coffee lovers with just one hand movement - both from fresh beans.

Enjoy the excellent taste of fresh coffee beans thanks to the 100% ceramic grinder, whose grind settings can be adjusted in five stages to your preferred taste. Since the brew group is completely removable, it can be cleaned quickly and easily under running water.

Highlights of the Philips 4000 Series HD8847/01:

  • CoffeeSwitch: the taste of filter coffee and espresso from a machine
  • Creamy cappuccino at the touch of a button, thanks to removable, hygienic milk decanter
  • 100% ceramic disc grinder for consistent performance and natural flavor.
  • Separate coffee powder tray for more variety and flexibility

    Delivery: Fully automatic coffee machine, power supply, milk decanter, coffee spoon, coffee brush

How renting with Grover works

Choose your favorite product and a minimum rental period that suits you. The longer you rent, the lower the price.

Your subscription starts as soon as you receive the product. If something breaks, we cover 90% of the repair costs.

When your minimum rental period ends, you can continue renting on a monthly basis for the current price, choose a longer rental plan to lower your monthly payment or send the product back for free.


What do I do if my device gets damaged during the rental period?


Grover covers 90% of the repair costs from accidental damage, such as display breakage, water damage and technical defects. Report the damage to Grover Customer Service and you'll receive a return label via e-mail for free return shipping. The rent will be canceled once you have shipped the product. If you like, you can just rent a new device. We'll tell you the amount of the repair cost and deduct 10% from your account. And don't worry, for manufacturer hardware and software malfunctions, no costs will be incurred.

Do normal signs of use count as damage?


Nope. You should of course have fun with your product and use it as if it were yours. So small scratches and signs of wear are fine. Larger or deeper scratches or cracks, especially in displays, must be repaired.

What condition are the products in?


Depending on our stock, your product may be new or as good as new. We ensure that all products function properly before shipping. Grover erases all data and cleans the devices down to the smallest details.

How can I extend or end my rent?


You can extend to a longer rental plan and reduce your monthly payments in your dashboard at any time. When your minimum rental period is over, you can continue to rent the product on a month-to-month basis for your current monthly payment. We will not automatically renew your rental plan for the same minimum rental period at the end of your subscription. If you do not want to continue to rent the product, you can cancel your subscription by returning it for free.

Can I also buy a product I'm renting?


Sure, there are two options: Three months after your rent has reached the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) shown in your customer account, you can buy your product for €1 and keep it forever. If you want to buy your product sooner than that, the price is the RRP minus 30% of your rental payments so far.

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