Apple AirPods Gen 1

In-ear, Bluetooth, Airpods sensors, Optical sensors, 75 dB, Up to 5h Battery


Apple AirPods Gen 1

In-ear, Bluetooth, Airpods sensors, Optical sensors, 75 dB, Up to 5h Battery



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What's in the box?

  • Airpods
  • Lightning cable
  • Charging case

Technical specifications


In-ear True wireless headphones




75 dB


5 Hours + 24 Hours With Wireless Charging



Water rating




Smart Attributes

Siri, Easy Pairing, Smart pause and play

Special Features

Automatic power-on and connect, setup for all Apple One-Touch devices, quick access to Siri double-tap, over 24 hours battery life with charging case, fast charging in the case, rich, high-quality audio and voice playback, easy switching between devices, AirPods sensors (each) with two beamforming microphones, two optical sensors, motion accelerometer, voice accelerometer

Simple. Wireless. Magic.

The AirPods will change the way you use headphones forever. When you take your AirPods out of the charging case, they turn on and connect to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch via Bluetooth. Audio plays automatically when you put them in your ears and pauses when you take them out. To adjust the volume, change song, call someone, or ask for directions, just activate Siri with a double tap.

Controlled by the purpose-built Apple W1 chip, the AirPods can tell whether or not they're in your ear through optical sensors and an accelerometer. The W1 chip automatically redirects the audio and activates the microphone, whether you're using both or just one of them. And when you're talking on the phone or with Siri, another accelerometer with wave-bending microphones filters out background noise and makes your voice ping out.

As the W1 chip is extremely energy efficient, it preserves battery power, and gives you five hours of playback.

And thanks to the charging case, which has additional chargers giving a total of over 24 hours of playback, they're ready for anything.

Need a quick fix? After only 15 minutes in the charging case, you can listen to three hours of music.

How renting with Grover works

Choose your favorite product and a minimum rental period that suits you. The longer you rent, the lower the price.

Your subscription starts as soon as you receive the product. If something breaks, we cover 90% of the repair costs.

When your minimum rental period ends, you can continue renting on a monthly basis for the current price, choose a longer rental plan to lower your monthly payment or send the product back for free.


What condition are the products in?


Grover rents new and as good as new products. Before products are rented out again, they go through a detailed quality check and multi-stage processing, so that each device rented from Grover arrives in flawless condition. If your device isn’t as expected, our customer service is happy to help.

When does the rent begin and end?


The first monthly rental payment is charged when ordering, but the rental period does not officially start until you receive your product. The delivery date determines the recurring monthly payment date. If you fall in love and want to keep your product longer than the minimum rental period, you can extend your rental plan in your customer dashboard at any time to reduce the monthly payment. At the end of the minimum rental period, you can keep renting on a monthly basis for the same price or cancel your subscription by returning your device for free.

What if my device gets damaged during the rental period?


If something happens during your rental, Grover Care is there for you. We pay for 90% of the repair costs for damages of all kinds, including display breakage, water damage, and technical defects. Of course there are no charges for device errors from the manufacturer.

Do I have to worry about signs of use?


You will not be charged for small scratches and signs of normal use, because we want you to enjoy your rented products as though they were yours. However, in order for the next renter to enjoy the product like new too, we must repair bigger signs of wear such as display defects. These damages will also be covered by Grover Care, so we pay 90% of the repair costs.

Can I also buy a product I'm renting?


Yes, 100% of your monthly payments go towards the purchase of the product. You have two options, depending on when you choose to buy. The first options is to rent for long enough that you can buy your product for a symbolic one Euro payment. The exact duration depends on the product and your chosen minimum rental period, and will be displayed at checkout, as well as in your customer account dashboard. The second option is to buy it earlier by paying all of the remaining rent payments at once.