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Home Cinema

Apple 4K TV 32GB
32GB, 4K

from€7.90 per month

New to Grover
JBL Soundbar 5.0 Multibeam
5.0 Sound system, 250 Watt, Dolby Atmos, Chromecast, AirPlay & Alexa

from€17.90 per month

Sonos Beam
The smart, compact soundbar for TV, music, and more

from€14.90 per month

New to Grover
Samsung Soundbar HW-Q800A/ZG
Soundbar + Subwoofer, 3.1.2 Speaker System, Dobly Atmos, Alexa, AirPlay2

from€34.90 per month

Sonos Sub (2020)
The wireless subwoofer for impressive bass

from€27.90 per month

LG DSN9YG Soundbar
Soundbar 5.1.2 speaker system, 520 watts, HDMI with 4K, Optical Digital input

from€29.90 per month

Sony HT-ZF9
Soundbar 3.1 speaker system, 400 watts, HDMI, Optical Digital input

from€22.90 per month

Sonos Playbase
The sleek soundbase for TV, movies, music, and more

from€22.90 per month

LG DSN7CY Soundbar
Soundbar, 160 watts, HDMI with 4K, Optical Digital input

from€12.90€9.90 per month

Sonos Port
Diverse streaming options for stereos and receivers

from€17.90 per month

JBL Bar 9.1
Soundbar 9.1 speaker system, 820 watts, HDMI, Optical Digital input

from€34.90 per month

Bose TV Speaker Soundbar
Bluetooth Soundbar, compact, powerful speaker

from€9.90 per month

Google Chromecast Ultra
HDMI, Wifi, 4K

from€2.90 per month

Sonos SUB
The wireless subwoofer for deep bass

from€22.90 per month

Harman Kardon Citation Sub
Subwoofer, 200 watts, wireless connection

from€24.90 per month

Sony HT-X8500
Soundbar 2.1 channels, HDMI, Optical Digital input

from€9.90 per month

Harman Kardon Citation Surround
Surround speakers, 50 watts, wireless audio connection

from€14.90 per month

Sony HT-ST5000
Soundbar 7.1.2 speaker system, 800 watts, HDMI, Optical Digital input

from€32.90 per month

Harman & Kardon Enchant Sub
Subwoofer, 400 watts, wireless connection

from€17.90 per month

Bower & Wilkins Formation Bar
Soundbar, Bluetooth, Wifi, Multiroom, Optical Digital input

from€44.90 per month

JBL Link Bar
Soundbar, 100 watts, HDMI

from€12.90€9.90 per month

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