Terms of Use: Grover Card / Solarisbank

Below you will find links to the different Terms of Use for the Grover Card.

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1. Grover Card Terms and Conditions

1.1 General terms and conditions

1.2 Grover Card Pricing and Fees

2. Solarisbank Terms and Conditions for card users

2.1 General Terms & Conditions of SolarisBank

2.2 List of Prices and Services

3. Additional Solarisbank Terms and Conditions for card users

3.1 Special Conditions for Payments via Debit Card in Connection with a Card Account

3.2 Special Terms and Conditions for 3D Secure for Online Card Transactions

3.3 Terms and Conditions for Payments by Direct Debit under the SEPA Core Direct Debit Scheme

3.4 Conditions for Online Banking

3.5 Conditions for the Debit Card

3.6 Conditions for Payments via Virtual Debit Card

4. Solarisbank information on data processing

4.1 Customer Information on Data Processing

5. Other applicable information by Solarisbank

5.1 Pre-Contractual Information for Distance Contracts on Financial Services

5.2 Depositor Information Sheet

5.3 Automatic Exchange of Church Taxes Information

5.4 List of the most representative services linked to a bank account

5.5 Information on the Basic Payment Account

5.6 Information on the Account Switching Service

5.7 Statement of Fees

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