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Delivery in 3-6 business days for €4.90
Available to own

Delivery and returns

Get your device in 3-6 working days for €4.90. Learn more

Easy payments

No deposit. Small, secure payments Learn more

Great Condition Promise

All of our tech is quality checked. Learn more

Inside the box

Under the hood


100 to 102400


MPEG-2 AAC LC (16bit, 48kHz, 2ch) / Linear PCM (16bit, 48kHz, 4ch )


Cinema RAW Light LT / XF-AVC: Linear PCM (24bit, 48kHz, 4ch)


Super 35mm DGO (Dual Gain Output)


3.5 inch LCD touch screen with 2.76 million pixels (1,280 x 720 x RGB)


Dual Pixel CMOS AF, Contrast AF. Face priority, only face and continuous AF available

ND Filter

2, 4 and 6 internal ND filter; Up to 10-stops ber Built-in Filter System

Lens mount

Canon RF Mount


9.6 MP (4206 x 2290)

Power Supply

Maximum Power Consumption: Approx. 14.6W

Sensor modes

Super 35mm / Super 16mm(crop)

Dynamic Range

Canon Log 2 - 1,600% / 16+ stops; Canon Log 3 - 1,600% / 14 stops; Wide DR: 800% (at ISO 400)

Shutter speed

1 - 1/2000; shutter angle 11.25º to 360º

Input & Output

audio input, headphone output, HDM, USB, time code, DC input, Connection remote control, IP streaming / FTP, User LUT input, Default setting of the function keys, Configurable keys

Recording time

Cinema RAW Light LT: 4096x2160: 645Mbps 105min; XF-AVC / MXF: 4096x2160: 410Mbps 156min; MP4 (HEVC): 4096x2160: 225Mbps 285min; MP4: 4096x2160 : 150Mbps 428min

Image processor


Relay Recording


Display Features

waveform monitor, OSD for portrait mode recording, False Color Display (Exposure Indicator), color bars, peaking, zebra, marker

Image Stabilizer

Yes. Function depends on the lens used, digital 5-axis image stabilizer with lenses without optical IS. Combination of optical IS and digital IS for a combined 5-axis IS. IS depends on the lens used.

System Frequency

59.94Hz mode (59.94p/59.94i/29.97p/23.98p) 50.00Hz

Recording Formats

Cinema RAW Light (CRM)*: 12-bit RAW; XF-AVC (MXF) ALL-I or Long GOP, 4:2:2 10-bit; MP4 H.265/HEVC, 4:2:2 10-bit; MP4 H.264, 4:2:0 8 bit

Scope of Delivery

Microphone mount Carrying, handle, CA-CP200L compact power adapter, CG-A20 OTH battery charger, Powercord, Battery pack (BP-A30)

Anamorphic Support

Yes, x20 / x1.3

Slow & fast Motion

4K recording: up to 120 fps, 2K (crop) recording: up to 180 fps, Sound recording is possible at normal frame rates

General information

160 x 130 x 116mm / 1190g

Distortion Correction

Yes, RF lenses only

Vignetting correction


Diffraction Correction


Operating Temperatures

Approx. 0 to 40°C (85% RH) / Approx. -5 to 45°C (60% RH)

mode Options available

[Cinema RAW Light LT / XF-AVC / MP4] [All-I / Long GOP] [4:2:2 10bit / 4:2:0 10bit / 4: 2:0 8bit] [UHD / 2K / FHD]

Chromatic abberration correction


Simultaneous Recording in different formats

Yes, in dual recording recording

Frequently asked questions

How does the minimum rental period work?Plus Icon

You can rent for 1, 3, 6, 12, or 18+ months.

When your rental period is over, you can return your device for free, or keep renting for the same price every month. You can also switch to a longer rental period anytime.

Our rentals are flexible, so you can enjoy tech at your own pace. Learn more about how renting works.

What if I damage a device or cause signs of use?Plus Icon

We want you to enjoy our products as though they were yours. Small scratches and normal signs of use will be cleaned after return for free. There are no charges for device errors from the manufacturer.

In case of severe damage, Grover Care covers up to 90% of damages for all rental categories. Add Grover Care to your rental for better protection.

Check out our example photos of normal signs of use that we repair for free and also photos of more severe damage. Learn more about Grover Care.

How can I return the device?Plus Icon

You can return your device for free when your minimum rental period ends.

You just need to reset the device and remove any data. This way, we can rent the device safely to the next person. Then print out the shipping label, return the device, and your monthly payments will be stopped.

You can drop the device off at any post office or drop-off point of the shipping provider shown on the return label. Learn more about returns.

Will there be a credit check?Plus Icon

When you place an order, our algorithm checks your data to make sure you're a real person. We also complete a quick automatic credit check. This type of credit check is recorded on your credit report but doesn't have an impact on your credit rating.

If your order is declined, you can request a human review of this automated decision.

You can find further information on why and how we do credit assessments in Section 2.2. of our privacy policy.

Is there a cancellation policy?Plus Icon

If you change your mind and your order hasn’t been processed yet, you can cancel it in your account.

If the order has been processed, we can’t stop it from being shipped. But you can contact our support team and they’ll tell you how to proceed.

If your order has already been delivered, you can contact our support team and revoke your order for free within 14 days after delivery. Any delivery fee is not refunded. Learn more about our cancellation policy.

If you rent with Grover Business, there's no 14 days revocation period. But you can contact our business support and ask for a device exchange.

Are there any voucher conditions?Plus Icon
If you're a new Grover customer using our welcome voucher (NEU100 in Germany, START100 in Austria, AHORRA100 in Spain, and BEGIN100 in The Netherlands), then your monthly rent can have a maximum value of €100/month for all devices. All devices will also need to have a subscription period of 3 months or longer.
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