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Home Security

New to Grover
EZVIZ DP1C Video Doorbell and Peephole
Intercom function, Integrated doorbell, 720p video

from€9.90 per month

New to Grover
EZVIZ BC1-B3 Security Camera Set of 3
1080p video, Two-way audio

from€19.90€17.90 per month

New to Grover
Hombli Smart Doorbell 2
Full HD 1080p video, 140° view, Two-Way Audio

from€6.90 per month

eufyCam 2 Kit 2+1
Wireless surveillance camera, 365 days battery, HD 1080p, IP67 weatherproof, night vision, compatible with HomeKit, 2-camera set

from€14.90 per month

New to Grover
EZVIZ LC3 Wall Light with Integrated Camera
2K, 700 Lumen

from€9.90 per month

New to Grover
EZVIZ BC1-B2 Security Camera Duo-Pack
1080p video, Two-way audio

from€14.90 per month

ARLO Pro 3
160°, Wireless, 2K with HDR, color night vision

from€24.90 per month

Nuki Combo 2.0 - Starter Kit
Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, Nuki Door Sensor and Nuki Bridge, iOS & Android compatible

from€12.90 per month

Google Nest Outdoor Camera
Outdoor Smart Security, Cloud Storage, 1080P, 130 degrees view

from€9.90 per month

Ring Spotlight Cam with Light, Siren, Motion detector
HD surveillance camera, 1080P, Cloud Storage

from€9.90 per month

Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit Home Security System
Base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector and range amplifier, app-controlled, works with Alexa

from€9.90 per month

Netgear VMC 3030-100EUS Arlo
WLAN, IP camera

from€5.90 per month

NUK 1942156284 Eco Control plus Video Baby Monitor
Black White screen, 300 m range, AA battery

from€7.90 per month

PHILIPS SCD 630/26 baby monitor
LED displays, 300 m range, up to 10h battery

from€7.90 per month

GOOGLE Hello video doorbell
160°, app-controlled, livestream, HDR video and night vision mode

from€12.90 per month

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus
1080p HD video, intercom function, app-controlled, night mode, Alexa

from€8.90 per month

eufyCam 2 Pro 3+1 Kit
Wireless surveillance camera, 365 days of battery life, HomeKit compatibility, 2K resolution, IP67 water protection class, night vision, 3-cam set

from€19.90 per month

Netgear Arlo pro 2 Security System

from€12.90 per month

VMS3430-100EUS Arlo Smart Home, IP-camera-Set

from€17.90 per month

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera (Welcome)
WLAN, full color, 130 degrees view, micro SD

from€7.90 per month

Netgear VMS 3230-100EUS Arlo
WLAN, full color, 130 degrees view

from€12.90 per month

PHILIPS SCD 833/26 Digital Video Baby Monitor
2.7" Color screen, Indoor 50 m, outdoors 300 m, 10h battery

from€6.90 per month

Google Nest Indoor IP Camera
Indoor Smart Security, IP Camera, Cloud Storage, 1080P

from€7.90 per month

Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Video Doorbell, Cloud Storage, 1080P, iOS & Android & Windows compatible

from€7.90 per month

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