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Tech rentals for your customers

Looking to expand your business and reach new customers? With over 500,000 active subscriptions, Grover is Europe’s market leader in tech rentals. Become a partner to tap into this growing audience and enable people to get the tech they want, when they want.

How it works

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Grover partnerships, explained

We offer integrated partnerships via online and offline. Whether that’s one month or 24 months, it’s entirely up to your customers what tech they want to rent and for how long, returning for free to us when they’re ready.

Founded in 2015, Grover is proud to lead the shift away from the traditional “buy-use-dispose” economy towards a more sustainable, circular one. Through our unique business model, Grover extends the lifetime of products as well as increases their utilization. This helps reduce the demand for new products, which leads to less e-waste and CO2 emissions.

Online and instore solutions

Integrating online

  1. The customer selects a product on the retailer’s website by clicking on the “Rent with Grover” button.

  2. After selecting a rental plan, our checkout system registers the customer or logs them in to Grover.

  3. Once approved, we take care of the delivery and the customer receives their tech.

  4. At the end of their minimum rental period, the customer can keep renting or send the device back to us.

Integrating online

  1. The customer chooses a product and an employee uses their individual login details to select this product within our POS.

  2. Once the rental is approved, the customer can take the product home with them.

  3. At the end of the month, you bill Grover for all rental orders.

  4. After the minimum rental period ends, the customer can keep renting or send it back to us.

The advantages

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For you

⭐ Service expansion and brand awareness
⭐ Satisfied customers who return and buy again
⭐ Risk-free (Grover assumes all risks)
⭐ Attractive compensation

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For customers

⭐ 90% repair costs in case of damage
⭐ Tech at a fraction of the purchase price
⭐ The latest tech to rent
⭐ More sustainability, less e-waste

What you get with Grover

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If you decide to partner with us, you’re looking at awesome support. Whether advertising materials for your employees, joint campaigns with discounts or regular online training courses, we’re here to keep things running smoothly. That’s why all customer questions regarding Grover rentals will be handled by us and as a business, you’ll also have a dedicated key account manager from Grover.

We’re currently proud partners with:

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"Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with Grover since 2017, we are able to offer our customers another way to use desired products sustainably and flexibly at the same time." — MediaMarkt

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