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Black Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality.1
Black Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality.2
Black Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality.3

Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality Headset, LCD display, controllers


Grover Care

4.13 / 5

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great condition promise

Great Condition Promise

Every device you rent with Grover is either new or like new – and always tested for technical perfection. It’s our Great Condition Promise.

Lenovo Explorer opens new horizons. The stylish and lightweight headset powered by Windows Mixed Reality bridges the boundaries between the real and the virtual world, creating a breathtaking entertainment experience.

Lenovo Explorer: The PC experience of the future

Windows Mixed Reality allows you to use your laptop and PC in a completely new and exciting way. You have access to more than 20,000 Microsoft apps, including the latest games and entertainment offerings. And for productive work, all you have to do is open the Microsoft Office Suite and set up your own virtual workspace there.

Travel around the world comfortably
If you go into virtual worlds, you do not want to be disturbed by heavy and uncomfortable equipment. This is one of the great strengths of Lenovo Explorer. Thanks to a weight of only 380 g and perfect weight distribution, you will hardly feel the headset when worn. The product can be easily adapted to the anatomy of the wearer and also convinces with its finish in elegant Iron Gray.

Go on an expedition
Travel back in time to 1465 and discover the secret treasures of Machu Picchu. Take off in the evening light with a hot air balloon and enjoy Rome from a bird's eye view. Experience an NBA game with 360 degree views as if you were on the field. Or just watch your favorite shows in your own virtual cinema. Lenovo Explorer makes it possible.

New game
If you're a passionate gamer, there's no getting around Lenovo Explorer. In the Microsoft Store you can find many AAA games like Minecraft, Arizona Sunshine and Skyworld. All you have to do is start your favorite game.

The future is in your hands
For the best Windows Mixed Reality experience, Lenovo Explorer comes with two motion controllers. The lightweight and ergonomic handheld devices are read by the sensors of the headset. They give you the greatest freedom of movement and allow you virtual gaming adventures in a completely new form.

Ready to go in a few minutes
Many third-party headsets have external cameras and sensors that take a long time to assemble and setup. The Lenovo Explorer is done in a few moments. You just have to connect a cable to your PC - and you're ready to go!

Unlimited freedom
Lenovo Explorer lets you move freely within a 3.5m x 3.5m range. Jump, duck, or dodge - Lenovo Explorer captures your movements fluidly, three-dimensionally and with the utmost precision-without the need for an external sensor.

New ways to work, play and adventure.

With Lenovo Explorer, you have four ways to control your virtual and mixed-reality experiences:
- Motion Controller for Windows Mixed Reality: For example, you can record or create tools and weapons in Minecraft, or move PowerPoint slides by hand and zoom in / out.
- Keyboard and mouse allow you to work and play in a digital environment: for example, use the Microsoft Office suite or start a movie in your own virtual world.
- Your Xbox® controllers are the most powerful option: The best and most comfortable way to control your games and entertainment experiences.
- Or ask Cortana, your virtual personal assistant: The software answers your questions, takes orders, creates reminders, performs tasks, and makes your life easier in many ways.

Note: Lenovo Explorer requires a compatible PC. For a list of all compatible PCs, go to

Frequently asked questions

What condition are the products in?


Grover rents new and as good as new products. Before products are rented out again, they go through a detailed quality check and multi-stage processing, so that each device rented from Grover arrives in flawless condition. If your device isn’t as expected, our customer service is happy to help. Learn more about our Great Condition Promise.

When does the rent begin and end?


The first monthly rental payment is charged when ordering, but the rental period does not officially start until you receive your product. The delivery date determines the recurring monthly payment date. If you fall in love and want to keep your product longer than the minimum rental period, you can extend your rental plan in your customer account at any time to reduce the monthly payment. At the end of the minimum rental period, you can keep renting on a monthly basis for the same price or cancel your subscription by returning your device for free.

What if my device gets damaged during the rental period?


If something happens during your rental, Grover Care is there for you. We pay for 90% of the repair costs for damages of all kinds, including display breakage, water damage, and technical defects. Of course there are no charges for device errors from the manufacturer. Learn more about Grover Care

Do I have to worry about signs of use?


Don’t worry, we want you to enjoy your products as though they were yours. Small scratches and normal signs of use will be cleaned after return for free. In case of severe signs of wear, such as display breakage, Grover Care covers 90% of the repair costs. Here you'll find example photos of normal signs of use that we repair for free and also photos of more severe damage where you'd have to pay 10% of the repair cost.

Can I also buy a product I'm renting?


Yes. If you want to buy a product, 100% of your rental payments go towards the purchase price. You have two options. Either you rent your device until you can keep it forever for a symbolic euro. The duration depends upon the product and your chosen rental plan. You can put your desired product with your rental plan of choice in the rent bag and check the duration under "Purchase option". The second option is to buy a product earlier by paying the remaining rental payments at once in your dashboard. If you rented your device before July 17, 2019, the purchasing option displayed in your customer account applies.

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4.13 / 5

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