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A guide to the best laptops for small businesses

A guide to the best laptops for small businesses

A laptop is the perfect hardware choice for small business owners and employees due to the benefits it offers in terms of workplace flexibility, affordability, software add-ons and dimensions. In this article, we reveal the best laptops for business and how to rent laptops for small businesses.

Why it’s worth renting your laptop from Grover

Cards on the table time: we want you to rent laptops for your small business from Grover because we offer the best service and selection. Our monthly fees are low, there’s no need to pay a deposit and there are no hidden add-ons – good news for your bottom line. The same goes for the rental period: you choose between 1+, 3+, 6+ and 12+ months, so you know exactly how long you have to make the most out of your hardware.

How about the nice-to-haves? We’re startup- and scaleup-friendly, with many different brands and recent laptop models to choose from, like the Acer Swift Go , the Lenovo ThinkPad E16 and the Dell Latitude 3520 , which you can order in quantities from one to one hundred. Once you’ve made your choice, your laptop will be delivered within three to seven business days, and you can return it for free at the end of the rental period.

Did your laptop get damaged while on a business trip? This can quickly become expensive if it isn’t covered by insurance, but with Grover you don’t have to worry: we’ll cover 90% of the cost of repair and you’ll be back in action again in no time.

The best laptops for small businesses

Affordable laptops for small businesses come in many shapes and sizes, but we’ve picked out four of the best options for your money – and we tell you exactly why your business will benefit.

Lenovo ThinkPad E15 Gen 2 15"

There are plenty of reasons why the Lenovo ThinkPad E15 stands out. Take Intel’s Tiger Lake chips, for example, which offer some of the best integrated graphics around – perfect if your business handles graphically intensive workflows. Sticking with performance, it comes with a SODIMM slot for additional RAM and has an HDMI connector, 3.5 mm audio jack and two USB-A ports. Then there’s the build quality, with a robust lid made of 100% aluminum, sleek profile and overall lightweight design. It even has a spill-resistant keyboard, so you can be as cavalier as you like with your glass of water.

Acer Swift 3 – 16.1" Xe Graphics

Looking for a laptop that’s smart, solid and sleek? The Acer Swift 3 is what you need. This clamshell-style laptop has a 16.1-inch display offering vibrant colors and deep contrasts to help your next investor presentation shine, a full-HD webcam and a strong battery life that will get you from A to B and even C without running dry. In terms of performance, you can count on Intel® Core™ i5-11300H processors with 8GB memory and 256 SSD storage.

Dell Latitude 5521 Notebook UHD

One of the largest convertible laptops available on the market, the Dell Latitude 5521 is a two-in-one that lends itself to presentations and note-taking thanks to its small 15.6 inches, quad-high-definition display. Switch between the classic laptop format and tent mode, stand mode or tablet mode with ease thanks to the robust hinged design. Meanwhile, the Intel® UHD Graphics processors keep things running smoothly at all times.

Acer Swift Go 14 OLED

A two-in-one device, the ACER Swift Go combines the stability of a laptop with the versatility of a notebook. Its touchscreen display with 3:2 ratio can be turned on a 360-degree hinge, enabling it to transform between laptop mode, tent mode and tablet mode with ease. It even comes with a stylus for note-taking. Under the hood, it contains a powerful Intel® Core™ Ultra 5-125H processor and has an excellent battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha 13.3" Touchscreen

Another two-in-one laptop, the Samsung Galaxy Book Notebook is super slim and perfectly portable, and boasts an impressive 17-hour battery life – perfect for extended business trips. The hinged design means you can turn the laptop into a tablet or tent in seconds, while the Intel® CoreTM CPU processors and FHD-Display-resolution touchscreen display result in peak performance and sharp picture quality. Sleek, attractive and lightweight, this is a strong all-rounder for the entrepreneur on the go.

How to rent a laptop from Grover

If you’re currently looking into how to rent laptops for small businesses, Grover is the right place to start. We make the process simple: get in touch with our sales team , tell us what you’re in the market for and we’ll work with you to find the best laptop for your business – at the most affordable price.

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