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Rent worry-free

Dog ate your smartphone? Or maybe your laptop went for a swim? No worries, you’re covered by Grover Care. While you rent with Grover, we cover 90% of the repair or replacement costs for damages of any kind.

We cover 90% of the repair costs for technical defects, display breakage, water damage, and severe signs of use.

For drones, we cover 50% of the costs for repairs and spare parts.

Device errors from the manufacturer are fully on us.

Normal signs of use do not count as damage, so don’t worry about those at all.

What is not covered?

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about theft or loss of devices and costs for these are not included. However, your own liability insurance should be up to the task. Ask your insurance provider about covering these costs.

Burgulary or Theft Rebrand

Burglary or theft

Loss Rebrand


Shark ate it Rebrand

Improper usage

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