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Coming Soon: Grover Mix,
A new way to rent tech.

3 products, €99 per month

Select 3 devices from the Grover Mix catalog of over 1900 products to satisfy your tech wishes.

That’s 3 devices from different subcategories. You can get a laptop, a phone, and a watch, but not three phones. Makes sense, right?

Product 1
Product 2
Product 3

Feel worry-free.

With Grover Care, you’re covered for 90% of any accidental damage to your Mix devices.

Done with it? Just swap it out.

Adapt as you evolve. Return a Mix device anytime and get a different one for free.

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No traps.

Cancel monthly, free of charge, after a minimum period of 3 months.

No Regrets.

With your €99 monthly Grover Mix subscription, never pay way too much for essential tech again. This is what tech freedom feels like.

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Coming Soon

We’re currently rolling out access to Grover Mix in batches. Add yourself to the waiting list now and get your exclusive invite soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I get with Grover Mix?

Recognize Mix products on our website by a blue ‘Mix’ tag. You can also filter our catalog to only show Mix devices. Currently you can choose from over 1700 available products as we’re adding more and more items to the Mix every month. Fill up each of your three slots with a product from a different device type. For example, a phone, a laptop, and a pair of headphones, but not three phones. Make sense?

How does swapping work?

After one month, you can begin the exchange cycle. Simply send one product back and order a different one instead. As soon as we receive your old device, we’ll send the new one your way. A new swap is possible after the previous swap has been completed.

Do I have to worry about signs of use or damage?

If something happens during your rental, Grover Care is there for you. We pay for 90% of the repair costs for accidental damages, including display breakage, water damage, and technical defects. For drones, 50% of the costs are covered. Of course there are no charges for device errors from the manufacturer. And upon return, normal signs of use will be removed for free.

Can I buy a device I'm renting with Grover Mix?

At this point in time, it isn’t possible to buy a product rented with Grover Mix. The best way to try-before-you-buy or take advantage of our purchase option would be to rent a single product as usual with Grover.

Can I switch to Grover Mix with my currently rented products?

At this time, switching from one plan to the other is not available. If you’re already renting a product and you’d like to take advantage of the Mix deal, end your subscription at the end of your minimum rental period and start fresh with Mix.

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