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Your extra-flexible phone deal

No need to get tied into long-term contracts or empty your piggy bank to buy your phone upfront. Just rent the device you want from Grover, pick your optional tariff from mobilcom-debitel, and upgrade or cancel whenever you need.

The benefits

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Upgrade any time

Why wait till the phone company decides you can upgrade? Rent your device and get the latest model as soon as it launches.

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No long-term commitment

Seen a better deal? Want more data? Switch your tariff monthly, and cancel any time you need.

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Use worry-free

Don’t sweat a cracked screen – Grover Care covers 90% of any repair costs.

How to get your cancel-anytime phone tariff

1. Choose the mobile device you want from Grover and start renting.

2. When your subscription is active, we’ll send a link to your optional SIM deals.

3. Pick a mobilcom-debitel tariff (you can switch or cancel each month).

4. Enjoy your new-found phone contract freedom.

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iPhone 12 Mini for €29,90 per month

Rent the iPhone 12 Mini for €29,90 per month and we’ll send you an exclusive offer for the Vodafone Allnet Flat 5 GB for only €9.99 per month.

First, choose an eligible device to rent

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For talkers and texters

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For series-streamers

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For outdoor adventurers

Next, check your emails for exclusive offers just like these

Vodafone Allnet Flat 10GB Image

Vodafone Allnet Flat 10GB

Vodafone Allnet Flat 5GB Image

Vodafone Allnet Flat 5GB

O2 Free Unlimited Basic Image

O2 Free Unlimited Basic

O2 4GB 7,99

O2 Allnet LTE 4GB

O2 Allnet LTE 6 GB

O2 Allnet LTE 6GB

O2 Allnet LTE 9 GB Image

O2 Allnet LTE 9GB

Enjoy your new-found phone contract freedom.




Frequently asked questions

Where can I see the mobile plans on offer?


After completing your order, we’ll send you an email with a link to all mobilcom-debitel’s exclusive Grover SIM deals.

What if I don’t need a SIM plan for my device anymore?


No problem – you decide what you need and when. You can cancel the plan any month and still keep using your device.

Can I choose any tariff for any device?


Of course. Choose the device you want and then decide which tariff suits you best.

Can I change my rented device at any time?


When your minimum rental period is over, you can change your rented device whenever and as often as you like.

Is the duration of the mobile plan connected to the duration of the Grover rental period?


No. You can terminate your mobile phone plan with mobilcom-debitel any month.

Do I have to worry about little scratches and other signs of use?


Of course not. Use your rented device like it’s your own. When you send it back, we’ll take care of any little marks and normal signs of use free of charge. If there is larger damage that requires repair, such as a cracked screen, Grover Care covers 90% of the repair costs. If you’re not sure which signs of wear are OK and which need to be repaired, here are some example photos.

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