Microsoft Edu LP Refresh June 2021

The world is your workplace

With a Microsoft Surface, everything you need is at your fingertips – touchscreen, keyboard, all-day battery. Rent your all-star all-rounder for work, school, or fun.

For movie-quality video calls and more: The Surface Laptop 4

This is the future of remote work: Impress your colleagues with HD video calls and studio mics. And if you want to give your team virtual high-5s, go for it – the PixelSense™ screen is designed to be touched.

Surface Laptop Go

One laptop to go? Coming right up. At 1.11kg, the new Surface Laptop Go is the lightest of its kind, and the battery lasts so long you can easily unplug and take ‘home office’ to the park.

Surface Pro X Bundle

Treat yourself to a new convertible and get even more flexibility. The Surface Pro X isn’t just a tablet – it comes with a removable keyboard and Slim Pen, so can use it however you want, wherever you want.

2-in-1 tablet? More like 3000-in-1 tablet

Tablet or laptop? It’s both

Students and educators save on software

Find out if you’re entitled to a free Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

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