Online technology rental company Grover launches in the Netherlands

Amsterdam/Berlin, 06.10.2020 – Grover, the German tech subscription company, is launching its service in the Netherlands today, bringing flexible tech subscriptions to Dutch gadget lovers and those looking for an on-demand alternative to purchasing and financing consumer tech. Dutch customers can rent more than 1,300 products from Grover’s portfolio, at Grover’s customary rental periods of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. This is the company’s second international market launch, following its successful launch in Austria last year.

“We’re excited to bring a new way of accessing and using technology to the Dutch market,” says Michael Cassau, CEO & Founder of Grover. “The Dutch e-commerce industry is very strong and Dutch consumers are open-minded, eco-conscious and digitally-driven, with an affinity for the sharing economy and digital platforms. Grover offers a service that supports both flexibility and resource efficiency, and we’re confident that Dutch consumers will be open to adapting their tech-buying habits with the Grover model.”

To start renting, Dutch customers can set up an account on within minutes. Once the desired product and rental period have been selected, customers enter their payment and shipping details to complete their order. After submission, an order is processed and prepared for shipping, and the product is delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep. The rental period only starts once the customer has received the product, and payments are deducted on a monthly basis. Dutch customers benefit from extra security with Grover’s customary damage coverage ‘Grover Care’, covering 90 percent of the repair or replacement costs for damages of any kind.

At the end of the rental period, customers can easily return the product to Grover and exchange it for something new. This way, unused devices do not end up in a drawer, collecting dust. Contributing to a Circular Economy for consumer electronics, Grover reduces product underutilization by recirculating devices on average 4 to 5 times.

“Renting instead of buying is the smart way for the modern consumer to access products, especially when it comes to technology. Our own needs tend to change much faster than a device's lifespan lasts. As we adapt to our ever-changing reality, we look for short-term, on-demand access to products and avoid long-term, committal financial decisions. Grover gives consumers that flexibility by allowing them to send back what they no longer need, and only pay for it as long as they actually use it,” Cassau adds.

Grover’s launch in the Netherlands is the company’s second international market launch, following the launch of in Austria last year, and is part of a broader international expansion strategy set to continue in 2021.

Visit Grover’s Dutch website for more information and to discover the full tech rental offering.

About Grover

Grover ( is Europe’s market leader in technology rentals, bringing the access economy to the consumer electronics market, by offering a simple, monthly subscription model for the best in tech. Private customers as well as businesses get access to a wide range of over 2,000 tech products including smartphones, laptops, virtual reality (VR) gear, and wearables, profiting from flexibility and full usage rights at a fraction of the purchase price. Grover’s service allows its users to keep, switch, buy, or return products depending on their individual needs. Rentals are available in Germany on and through Grover’s broad online and offline partner network including Europe’s leading electronics retail group, MediaMarktSaturn, as well as Gravis, Conrad, and others. As of 2019, Grover is also active in Austria with its own online platform Grover is a pioneer in the advancement of the Circular Economy: Its business model of renting out tech products to several users across their life cycle allows maximum value to be extracted from each product and reduces e-waste. In 2019 alone, Grover recirculated nearly 100 thousand devices.

Grover was founded in 2015 by Michael Cassau and falls under the access over ownership movement, which also allowed companies such as Netflix, AirBnB and Spotify to grow and succeed. With a total financing volume of 298 million to date and over 100 employees, Grover is one of Germany’s best funded startups.

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