Special terms and conditions of Grover for "Grover Mix“

1. Scope of application

These special terms and conditions ("STC Grover Mix") apply to a so-called "Grover Mix" contract, which a customer concludes with Grover Group GmbH, Grover Finance I GmbH, or Grover Finance II GmbH (together "Grover") in the course of his visit to the Grover website (http://www.grover.com) or via the Grover app (together "Grover online presence").  

In addition to these STC Grover Mix, the General Terms and Conditions of Grover ("GTC", available at https://www.grover.com/de-de/g-about/agb) apply. In the event of contradictions between the STC Grover Mix and the GTC, the STC Grover Mix will take precedence. 

2. Test phase & contract model "Grover Mix“

a) "Grover Mix" is a newly developed contractual model developed by Grover, which will be temporarily tested by Grover from 15 September 2020 ("Test Phase"). During the test phase, Grover will offer selected customers the conclusion of a "Grover Mix" contract including this STC Grover Mix without obligation. There is no claim to participation in the test phase. Neither the participation in the test phase nor a "Grover Mix" contract can be transferred in whole or in part to other natural or legal persons by the customer. 

b) In the "Grover Mix" contract model, the customer simultaneously rents three available goods from the product portfolio of the Grover online presence of his choice, which come from different Grover goods subcategories. "Subcategories" are subordinate to the categories of the Grover goods portfolio (the category "Computers" includes, for example, the subcategories "Notebooks", "Convertibles", and "Monitors"). Both the categories and the subcategories can be visited by the customer within the framework of the Grover online presence. Additional information on categories and subcategories as well as the availability of goods in the "Grover Mix" contract model can be found under http://www.grover.com/de-en/mix/ 

c) An extension of a "Grover Mix" contract to more than three goods or a reduction to less than three goods is excluded. Only goods for "Grover Mix" are available which are expressly marked as such in the Grover online presence and are in stock.   

3. Swap Option

a) After expiry of the first contractual month of "Grover Mix", the customer is entitled for the first time to exchange one of the three obtained goods in the "Grover Mix" contractual model for another individual good available from the Grover goods portfolio (so-called "swap"). For the exercise and execution of the swap, it also applies that the three goods obtained by the customer in total must continue to come from different Grover goods subcategories.

b) During the further term of the contract of "Grover Mix", the customer can execute further such swaps according to his needs, but a new swap is always only possible after the previous swap has been completed. A swap is concluded when the customer has received the other goods desired from Grover. The simultaneous execution of several swaps is excluded. A swap can only involve the exchange of a single item.

c) The maximum number of swaps during a contract month or the entire contract period is not limited, but the customer will exercise swaps in an economically reasonable and, from the point of view of a reasonable observer, comprehensible manner ("Fair Use Policy"). In particular, the customer will not engage in swaps with improper or even damaging intent towards Grover.

4. Execution of a swap

a) In order to exercise a swap, the customer follows the procedure specified in the online presence of Grover. A swap is initiated when the customer selects a different product available for the swap on the Grover website and notifies the product to be exchanged to Grover. Grover will then check the feasibility of the desired swap.

b) In the event that Grover accepts the desired swap, the customer will return the good to be exchanged (including any accessories and packaging) in full to Grover in accordance with the specifications. Before sending the good in question, it must always be reset to the factory condition and any connections to manufacturer accounts (such as "Apple iCloud") must be removed.

c) Upon receipt of the good, Grover will check their proper condition. Once the inspection has been completed, Grover will complete the swap and send the other requested good to the customer.

5. Monthly fee & shipping costs

a) For the use and participation in "Grover Mix", the customer pays a flat monthly fee of EUR 99.00 gross to Grover. The monthly fee includes the use of the respective three "Grover Mix" goods, the execution of swaps, and any postage and shipping costs incurred. As a matter of principle, the customer will not receive any subsequent reimbursement or discount for the time period during which a swap is conducted.

b) Grover bears the shipping costs incurred within the framework of "Grover Mix" only insofar as the customer uses the shipping option specified by Grover and complies with the return modalities described.

6. Conclusion of contract, duration, & termination

a) The "Grover Mix" contract comes into effect upon confirmation by Grover. The contract is concluded in accordance with Section 3 of the GTC. Decisive for the start of the rental period is the date of receipt of the initial shipment of goods. If the three "Grover Mix" goods selected are sent to the customer in separate deliveries, the receipt of the first consignment of goods is decisive for the start of the rental period. From the beginning of the rental period, the monthly fee pursuant to Section 5 is payable in full.

b) Upon conclusion of the "Grover Mix" contract, the customer is bound to Grover by a minimum contract term of three months. Premature ordinary termination is excluded for the customer. After expiry of the minimum contract term, the contract can be terminated in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. In addition to the reasons stated there, a reason entitling Grover to extraordinary termination may in particular, but not exclusively, be a violation of the Fair Use Policy by the customer. Partial cancellations for individual goods are always excluded.

c) Grover reserves the right to terminate the test phase prematurely with two weeks' notice. This also applies during the minimum contract period. Incomplete months of the contract will be billed pro rata temporis.

d) In the event of termination, the client must return all goods obtained under the "Grover Mix" contract in good time and in accordance with the specifications in the GTC. All goods are to be returned to the factory condition. Any connections to manufacturer accounts (e.g. Apple iCloud") must be removed.

7. Miscellaneous

a) The contract model "Grover Mix" is exclusively addressed to consumers who are resident in the Federal Republic of Germany. A maximum of one "Grover Mix" contract can be concluded per customer.

b) Grover does not offer a purchase option for goods obtained under the "Grover Mix" contract model. Within the framework of "Grover Mix", the use of coupon codes or discount campaigns is excluded, unless Grover expressly states otherwise.

c) Grover is entitled to make changes to the STC Grover Mix at any time in accordance with the provisions of Section 22 of the GTC. Should individual provisions of STC Grover Mix be invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Special Terms and Conditions Grover Mix,

valid from September 15, 2020

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