The ultimate e-scooter subscription: Grover launches its own scooter model

Berlin, 23.07.2020 – After successfully introducing e-scooters to its product range in early 2019, Berlin-based tech subscription service Grover has now launched its own-branded e-scooter. Grover’s e-scooter launches under the company’s micromobility sub-brand ‘GroverGo’ and is tailored to the needs of monthly renters in a post-COVID world.

As European cities emerge from coronavirus lockdowns, e-scooters are returning to the streets. Experts agree that the market will quickly rebound and continue to grow during the upcoming summer months. In time with this upswing, Grover’s own-branded e-scooter provides an accessible and personal mode of mobility that allows people to keep socially distant and avoid enclosed spaces. The new model’s specs accommodate the requirements of monthly e-scooter subscribers, whom Grover has been surveying since entering the micromobility market last year.

Grover first launched its e-scooter monthly subscription service ‘GroverGo’ on the German market in February 2019. As an alternative to the common pay-per-ride offering, GroverGo quickly gained traction among subscribers and was also made available on-and offline through Grover’s retail partners MediaMarkt and Saturn last October.

Grover’s new e-scooter model is based on customer survey insights showing that monthly e-scooter subscribers use their scooters for daily, essential trips rather than spontaneous and leisure rides. With a range of 25km, the new model is the perfect choice for daily, short and medium-length trips to and from work or university. At just under 13kg, it is lightweight and foldable, easily stored away, and quickly charged for on-the-go. Grover’s e-scooter is available on from today—starting at €24,90 monthly when selecting the 12-month subscription plan—and delivered straight to the customer’s door within just a few business days. As with all of Grover’s rental products, subscribers are on the safe side in case of accidental damage; ‘Grover Care’ covers 90 percent of repair costs.

„In the past months we’ve seen that compact, light-weight e-scooters with slightly shorter ranges are popular amongst our subscribers,” explains Grover’s CEO and Founder Michael Cassau. „Grover’s e-scooter is our answer to people’s changing mobility habits. Especially now, post-coronavirus, our e-scooter is the perfect alternative to public transport and the well-known pay-per-ride services, allowing subscribers to go beyond the last mile and reach their daily destinations quickly and conveniently, all while avoiding shared spaces or surfaces.”

Unlike with shared, on-demand services, Grover’s subscribers rent their e-scooters individually and can use them exclusively as their own and without any set geographical boundaries during their subscription period. Thanks to a fixed monthly fee, subscribers also have full transparency and control over how much their scooter is costing them.

Insights from Grover’s customer survey of e-scooter subscribers:

  • E-scooters rented with Grover are predominantly used more than once per day (21% of subscribers) or daily (17% of subscribers).
  • The average ride duration is between 20 and 25 minutes.
  • 70% of subscribers use their e-scooter exclusively themselves (i.e. do not share it with friends or family).
  • 76% of subscribers use their e-scooter as a daily means of transport.
  • 25% of subscribers use their e-scooter as their mode of transportation to and from work or school.
  • 48% of subscribers do not have access to other e-scooter services, such as pay-per-ride services.
  • Most frequently mentioned advantages of Grover’s monthly subscription model over other e-scooter services (open question):
  • Having control over the e-scooter’s battery level and general condition;
  • Pricing;
  • Availability of the e-scooter at all times (i.e. no searching for the nearest scooter);
  • Hygiene;
  • More comfort / better wheels;
  • Availability outside city centers.

About Grover

Grover ( is Europe’s market leader in technology rentals, bringing the access economy to the consumer electronics market, by offering a simple, monthly subscription model for the best in tech. Private customers as well as businesses get access to a wide range of over 2,000 tech products including smartphones, laptops, virtual reality (VR) gear, and wearables, profiting from flexibility and full usage rights at a fraction of the purchase price. Grover’s service allows its users to keep, switch, buy, or return products depending on their individual needs. Rentals are available in Germany on and through Grover’s broad online and offline partner network including Europe’s leading electronics retail group, MediaMarktSaturn, as well as Gravis, Conrad, and others. As of 2019, Grover is also active in Austria with its own online platform Grover is a pioneer in the advancement of the Circular Economy: Its business model of renting out tech products to several users across their life cycle allows maximum value to be extracted from each product and reduces e-waste. In 2019 alone, Grover recirculated nearly 100 thousand devices.

Grover was founded in 2015 by Michael Cassau and falls under the access over ownership movement, which also allowed companies such as Netflix, AirBnB and Spotify to grow and succeed. With a total financing volume of 298 million to date and over 100 employees, Grover is one of Germany’s best funded startups.

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