For snow tigers

While your friends roll over and pull the covers over their head, you’re out gliding, flying, and carving up the ice and snow. Here are a few tech wonders that will help you show them what they're missing out on.

Grab your GoPro for your wildest snowboard flight yet, film your next black piste conquest on a DJI, or freeze your first dog sled race on a Sony Alpha a6000. Now you’ll never forget your best white winter moments (and can maybe turn a few people green on Instagram).


Freeride your way through winter

If you need to do battle with the thickest snowstorm, or want to know how quickly you managed to defeat the winter, your wrist needs a smartwatch. For aesthetes, it’s an eye-catcher, and for athletes, the ultimate companion to track every snow activity – as well as get messages, see notifications, and play music. This is how we imagined the future.