Sporty types

Whether you’re training for an Tough Mudder or just need to balance the daily insanity, these gadgets will help to get you out of the house.

If the pull of the couch is stronger than your motivation to push yourself, maybe it’s time for a few electronic personal trainers. For music with movement, we recommend wireless headphones like the Bose Soundsport (one of our most-rented products). And we’re willing to bet you’ll go higher, faster, further, when you use a fitness tracker or smartwatch to see your pulse and calories burned in real time.


Coach, not couch

Want to climb mountains or dive into deep water while looking good? The Garmin Vivosmart HR is the perfect coach for above and below sea level. Apple fans will love the Apple Watch, dressed in Nike sportswear. And for sure, while you’re surfing/biking/climbing, you’ll discover some amazing corners of the world, so don’t forget to stick a GoPro HERO5 on your helmet, or get a friend to film you. And, ok, we know that weight isn’t important, but having a little less body fat isn’t a bad thing. It’s a great feeling to watch a little of it melt away every morning on a smart scale.