Smart seniors

Your kids think they know it all, but you had a mouse in your hand while they were still watching Mickey Mouse. Here's some great tech every switched-on silver surfer needs.

First and best, a HTC Vive virtual reality headset. Once the initial weirdness has worn off, use it to immerse yourself in new worlds, or old home movies, as well as games and movies. It can also be a useful way of getting "out and about" if you're not so mobile anymore. A tablet is an essential way of keeping in touch with your kids and grandchildren on the big screen, as well as reading, shopping, and catching up on news. We also recommend the Fitbit as a fun way to stay active – whether you're tracking your shopping trips, or training for the Berlin marathon.


Relax with a cup of the hottest tech

A little help around the house is always a good thing – now your kids aren't around to do the housework anymore, like they used to, right? Our Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is very popular, and the iRobot Braava Jet will make even the hardest-to-reach areas squeaky clean. The Alexa Echo is also a brilliant home help: it can order groceries, read the news, play music, and now even call someone. And the Qbo coffee machine will bring the barista experience home to you, with proper frothy morning coffees on tap.