For the influencers of tomorrow

Do you dream of being a famous digital nomad or vlogger? Rent the best cameras and gadgets to build your personal brand.

To build a career as an influencer on Instagram or YouTube, you need to start with the right equipment. The perfect camera for beginners? We say the Sony DSC-RX100 IV. And for advanced vlogging? The Canon EOS 80D. With both cameras, you can flip down the screen, so can keep an eye on your video whichever way you’re looking, or whatever you’re shooting. For cutting and editing, we recommend the MacBook Pro or the iPad. And the great thing about Grover? Every time you order something, you have new material for an unboxing video.


Do your thing

To share your experiences, we recommend renting a social media assistant like the iPhone Xr or Samsung Galaxy S10. And if you want to impress your followers with your fitness tips and #gymselfies, then you need a personal trainer that looks good, in addition to counting your steps.

Are you already building up a following? We’re curious to see how you use your Grover tech. Use the Grover hashtag #mygroverphoto to tag your Instagram posts and we’ll head over to smash like on your photos.