Flat fillers

Congratulations on your fancy new pad. Now how are you going to fill all that nice white space? With all the tech you need to survive of course…

Moved In

This is your blank canvas – your chance to do things right this time. So long big old TV, use a projector instead. Blast your music wirelessly around your entire flat. Boost your WiFi signal through those thick walls with a router. Let Alexa take care of the little tasks. And don’t forget the turntable now you’ve dusted off your old vinyl.


Unbox a brand new life

And, you know, that’s what we’re here for: to make it easier for you see more of the world. Wherever you go, we’ll set things up just how you like them. Then, when you get itchy feet/fall out with your flatmates/move in with your boyfriend, you just give it all back, and we’ll get your sorted in your new digs, quicker than you can say, “where did I pack the darn remote control?