From living room to cinema

You don’t need to break the bank to have a home cinema: with our projectors and speakers set up in your living room, you’ll always have front row seats.

SONY HT-RT3 Soundbar

Bluetooth, 600 Watt, 5.1 Channel



Acer H6517ABD

Full HD projector, 3200 Lumen, 3D


Sonos Beam

Smart Soundbar with Amazon Alexa voice control


Apple 4K TV 32GB

32GB, 4K HDR


We’re bringing the cinema straight to your couch. For cord cutters, binge watchers, and cinephiles, our high tech TV alternatives and surround sound systems will make your streaming experience at home just like going to the movies (popcorn not included).


Optoma H114

Full-HD, 3400 Lumen, 3D


Acer H 6810

Native 4k UHD (3.840 x 2.160) mit TI XPR Technologie und HDR Unterstützung



Samsung HW-N 400/ZG

1x HDMI IN, 1x HDMI OUT, 1x USB, 1x optischer Audioeingang, AUX IN


SONOS Playbase

3-way sound foundation for TV


Rent a projector to show your home movies or invite friends over to watch the big game. With a portable viewing device, you can even set up your backyard or your balcony for an open-air screening. Or if you just want to upgrade your TV setup, renting a soundbar will make your horror movies really sound like the killer is calling from inside the house.

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