Tech for tinies

Welcome to the world, miraculous new people. Here are some handy things that might make your newborn days a bit more comfy, and save your parents quite a bit of time and money, too.

A smart speaker is perfect for playing anything that keeps your newborn pacified, from Baby Mozart to Baby Beluga. Plus, it takes commands hands free, because we know yours will usually be full. Even tiny, chubby fingers can play games on the iPad, and the noise-cancelling headphones are for when it's your turn to take a nap for a few precious minutes.


Sleep well, little one (please)

We know a newborn plans on only two things: 1) keeping their parents busy, and 2) making a huge mess. Here are some things Mom or Dad can use to make their lives easier, so they can spend more time playing, singing, giving belly rubs, or just marveling at those chubby cheeks.