Quick life upgrades

The right technology is key to helping you work smarter, play harder, and create more. Rent to instantly upgrade your lifestyle.

If your smartphone is getting sluggish, you need a shiny new iPhone with its incredible resolution and face recognition technology. It’s pricey, so subscribe with us first, and you can see how you like it before you commit. For freelancers, the Macbook Pro is a no-brainer, and a favorite of the Grover design team. Add an Apple Watch for notifications and fitness tracking, and you have all the tech you need for a more fun and productive life.


A faster laptop means more time off

Now for a bit of indulgence. A Qbo coffee machine is a good start, injecting some life into your morning brew and brain. For fun, go for a spin on an e-scooter, and then kick back with some true 4K gaming on the newest Xbox One X. Lastly, treat yourself to a new wireless speaker with Alexa built in to help around the house.