For kids and kids at heart

Still playing board games? More like bored games! Family game night needs an upgrade. Immerse yourself in the depths of virtual reality, soar above the world with a drone, or press the pedal to the metal in a Mario Kart tournament.

Games aren’t just for the kids: want the PS4 or Xbox? Or maybe the Nintendo Switch? You can rent a different console every month, no need to commit. When you want to get some fresh air, take the Xiaomi eScooter for a spin around the park.


We all have a child inside

Transform your living room into a jungle, pirate ship, or go on an outer space adventure in VR. The whole family can explore alien virtual worlds together, or take a closer look at planet Earth.

“I spy with my little eye in the sky…” a new way to play outside. Discover your neighborhood from a whole new perspective with the DJI Mavic Air.