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Home helpers

With these clever roommates, your home is about to get a lot smarter.

Sonos One

Smart speaker with integrated voice control

from€9.90 Per Month

Apple HomePod

WLAN, Bluetooth, with Voice Control

from€19.90 Per Month

Dyson Robot 360 EYE Robot Vacuum Cleaner

WLAN, Camera, Room Detection,160 Watts

from€54.90 Per Month

Google Home Max

Bluetooth, high resolution audio, App controlable

from€29.90 Per Month

Smart speakers can do it all: check the weather, answer questions, even control other smart home tech like your lightbulbs. They can help you stay on top of your calendar and even order groceries. Talk about the best roommates you ever had!

Qbo Coffee Machine You Rista and Milk Master

from€9.90 Per Month

Philips Air Purifier AC 3256/10

For allergy sufferers, Up to 95m², CADR 367m³/h, AeraSense Sensor

from€19.90 Per Month


Google Home Mini

Google Assistant built-in, 360° sound, hands-free calls

from€4.90€3.90 Per Month


Amazon Echo Plus

With integrated Smart Home Hub

from€9.90€4.90 Per Month

With all the time you’re saving, you can make yourself a coffee and then sit back, breathe in the freshly humidified air, and ask Google or Alexa to put on your favorite relaxation playlist.

For Samsung fans

From living room to cinema

For the influencers of tomorrow