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With Grover's rental option, you can reach new target groups and allow more people to access technology.


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Rent with Grover

How does renting work?

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Instead of buying or financing a product, your customers can rent the product for a monthly fee and keep it for as long as they want. First, they choose a minimum term of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. At the end of this period, they can continue to rent or send it back to Grover and rent something new.

What are the benefits of becoming a Grover partner?

Reach new customer groups

Many people do not want to buy or finance technology, but want to use it anyway. With Grover, you reach this new target group.

Increase your sales

Paying for a monthly rental rather than paying the full purchase price is an easier decision for your customers. And since Grover buys the product from you when they rent, you're guaranteed a successful sale.

Doing something for the environment

In Grover's circular business model, devices are always used by multiple people. This helps to save resources and reduce electronic waste.

We take care of everything else

Our rental option can be integrated into your system in just a few minutes, online and in-store. Once the rent is completed, you don't have to worry about anything.

How to integrate with Grover ...

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... on your website

Together we agree on the products to be rented. Grover takes care of the investment of product portfolio as well as updates and maintenance of the portfolio. Using an API, you can integrate your own "Rent with Grover" button on your website in just a few minutes. Of course you can customize the design according to your wishes. All technical information can be found here. All you have to do now is decide when to start.

... in the store

Here we also create a portfolio as the first step. You will receive a link to our POS portal and individual log-ins for your employees. If a customer wants to rent in your store, go to the POS portal, register the customer, and complete the rental within a few minutes. When the rent is complete, you don't have to worry about anything else. At the end of the month, you bill Grover for all rental orders and we will buy the products form you.


1. The customer chooses a product and a rental plan on your website and clicks on the "Rent with Grover" button.

2. The Grover checkout registers the customer or logs in to Grover.

3. When the rental is confirmed, Grover takes care of the delivery to the customer.

4. We buy the product and take care of everything else.

5. After the end of the minimum rental period, the customer may continue to rent or send the device back to Grover.

In store

1. Customers choose the product in store and speaks to an employee.

2. The employee selects the product in the POS portal and registers the customer with Grover if necessary.

3. If the rent is approved, the customer confirms they have received the product and can take it home with them.

4. At the end of the month, you send a bill to Grover and we buy all of the products that were rented.

5. After the minimum rental period ends, the customer can continue to rent the device or send it back to Grover.

What we offer

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As the market leader in rental commerce in Germany and Austria, we are here to help and advices you when it comes to the circular economy and new trends in e-commerce. We support you at all times with advertising material and informational material for your employees and offer regular training courses. In our Help Center, you can find even more information about renting with Grover. If you still have questions, our partner support phone lines are open for you.

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Here's what the media has to say about our partnerships

“Our clients value the ability to flexibly decide whether to buy a product for long-term use or to borrow it for a limited time.”

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“Rental models are very popular, because they offer maximum flexibility.”

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“Otto and MediaMarkt have done it, now the electronics retailer Conrad also offers a rental alternative for their products.”

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“These offers just make sense now. They let customers be more flexible and support the trend towards mobility. So they fit into the lifestyle of the younger generation, who no longer value ownership as much.”

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