Spotify Employee Perk

Like Spotify. Just with tech.

Now you can stream your tech monthly, too. Whether you want an iPhone, laptop, or boombox, Spotify team members save 15% every month they rent. On every order.

5 steps to rent your tech:

  1. Choose your tech and how long you want to rent for.
  2. Log in or set up a Grover account.
  3. Enter your discount code at checkout.
  4. Submit your order.
  5. Get excited when the mail carrier rings. 📦

The Grover Business advantage

No acquisition costs

No acquisition costs

No deposit, no hidden costs

No deposit

Monthly rental

Monthly rental payments

Flexibel terms

Flexible terms without long-term commitment

90% cover

90% damage cost coverage

Free shipping

Free return

Do you have a question or just need support?

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