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What's new, pussycat?

Rent your tech with Grover and when it doesn’t tickle your fancy any more, just send it back.

How it works


Rent tech

Choose your minimum rental period. You can always switch to a longer one to save on your monthly payment.


Use it worry-free

If you break your device, we cover 90% of the repair costs.


Stay flexible

At the end of the rental period, you can keep renting, send it back for free, or buy at any time.


Kim, renting for 12 months

“With every year, comes a new iPhone. Instead of yearly buying a new one and selling the old one, I just rent from generation to generation. Then I don’t lose any money buying and selling and avoid the extra effort. Plus I'm covered by Grover Care.”

Stay a curious cat

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Always on the prowl for the latest tech?

Grover always has the latest gadgets so you can rent the newest of the new, then send it back as soon as there’s an upgrade available.

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Stay as flexible as your fluffy friends.

Today gaming, tomorrow headphones – the cat's out of the bag, and the possibilities are endless. Why settle for spending all your money on one device, when you can rent over 2,000 different products in our catalog?

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100% independence, not 0% financing

You choose how long and how much you want to pay with our flexible rental plans. Stay free from commitments that enslave you to the bank and enjoy your tech for a fraction of the purchase price.


Sascha, renting for 12 months

“The earth has limited resources. When we own everything without making proper use of it, we’re harming our planet. If I rent something, I’m using it. As soon as I’m not using it anymore, I’ll return it for someone else to use it.”

Your benefits


2,000+ tech products in 10 categories


90% damage cost coverage


No deposit, no hidden costs


Minimum rental periods from 1 month


Flexible rental plan extension


Less e-waste, more sustainability


Florian, renting for 1 month

“All my products arrived quickly, were well packed, and in great condition. Renting made me feel at ease, and on top of that, there was a little pack of gummy bears included.”

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Catch these deals by the tail

Right meow you can find your favorite tech products with prices thinner than a whisker. But don’t wait, they’ll be gone faster than you can say, “Here, kitty kitty!”

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